Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rejection and Temper Tantrums

In the previous post I briefly explained that an agent had requested pages of my manuscript. The next day she politely rejected my material. That's okay. Since then we have received two more rejections but I am holding my head high. Amazingly enough I am not discouraged by them, as I thought I would be. Rather, I am quite inspired to continue writing. In all truth, I think I am pretty darn scared for when my first full manuscript request comes. Yikes! Regardless, I do hope that day DOES come though. I want to see my work in print. I don't care how much I get paid. I just want to see my books in bookstores. Hopefully someday that dream will come true.

On the family front, my poor Buzzy is sick. Well, not as sick as me or my husband. Myturo got me and Buzzy sick and of course he's on his deathbed (not really, but any woman knows a man is on his deathbed with a hang-nail let alone a little runny nose and a cough . . . LOL) I just hope Lessy doesn't catch it as well. I much prefer a sick toddler to a sick infant.
In any case, on top of being 1.5 years old and on top of being sick I believe my Buzzy is entering the terrible two stages of her life. The child throws tantrums for everything. I say no. Tantrum. I say wait. Tantrum. I say eat. Tantrum. I finally give in to "no" "wait" or "eat" and she STILL throws a tantrum. *** I try hard not to give in but a mama must choose her battles. Right? *** It doesn't help that my hubby spoils her rotten. He might say no a million times and then he will give in or he will just say yes (despite the fact that he's saying yes to her running around the house with a fork, or letting her chew on an aluminum gum wrapper or even worse letting her wrap his belt around her neck ***MEN ARE RETARDS***) So, she thinks she can do that with Mama too. But that isn't so.
We are trying to establish a permanent time-out place but I don't want her to associate her bed, or her room, or the couch or wherever with "bad" . . . so I am going to buy her a toddler chair and that will be her designated time out place.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

For now I bid everyone adieu (spelling? LOL)

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  1. Ah babe, sorry about the rejections, but like I said you hang in there.

    Definitely get a chair for time out. I really hope it works. Got to love those tantrums, and I'm not going to scare you off but they are going to last for quite some time (years) LOL



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