Monday, December 21, 2009

Art is a Twerp

Need I say more?
Ok, Yes. I need to say more.
He frustrates the HELL Bajeezers outta me!
Everything about him. EV-ER-Y-STINKIN-THING!
I think my blood pressure rises when he even passes through my thoughts.
I hate that he can't just disappear from my life.
I don't want him seeing or influencing my girls.
I don't want him near me or anything that is precious to me.
I don't wanna fight, bicker, or have anything to do with him anymore.
Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what I want.
Damnit All! Fudge Balls!!

Has anyone else noticed my written word contains a lot more (but thankfully struck out) profanity? Yeah, I noticed too. I write it, decide I shouldn't say that and strike it out. I don't delete it because that is what I was thinking at that moment. I hate that he provokes such horrible thoughts. Thankfully they don't generally make the trip from the grooves in my brain to my tongue. Phewww!


And I repeat:

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