Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog Reviews - A New Hobby

I was sitting here watching Fanboy and Chum Chum while my girls sleep in their respective beds. (Yeah, it's pretty lame that I keep the retarded cartoon on even when they're sleeping) and I was thinking about what I can do besides clean (Yeah, not my favorite past time) Write my BIP or as it is called now my BIE -Book In Edit- (But I am letting that rest for a while to acquire a new fresh perspective), play SIMS (tempting but it gets old fast) or blog... yes, I love to blog. But there is truly only so much one can blog about regarding ones own life. Well, I suppose I could go on and on about the zit on my lips and the fact that my post partum hair loss is completely out of control. I could talk about external yeast infections, Buzzy's boogers, Breezely's diaper rash and my perculator that refuses to perculate. I could talk about Art and how he frustrates me, the fact that I LOVE the wii my mom, step dad and sister bought for Christmas. I could talk about my unhealthy hatred of stuffed animals and my compulsive need to roll hair but I won't.

Instead, I have come up with Buzzy's Mama Blog Reviews. Yes, I am going to find all the blogs in the world... Okay maybe not... but I'm going to find a buttload of blogs and review them on layout, content, etc. Of course, should I feature a blog and the author wishes for me to remove the review, I will be happy to oblige. But in the meantime... Reviewing I will go!!


(this will appear at the bottom of each blog review)

I, Buzzy's Mama, hereby am reviewing ________ blog. The opinions stated herein are my opinions and my opinions only. Should the author of aforementioned blog wish for me to re-review the blog I will. Should the author of the aforementioned blog wish for me to remove the review from my blog, I will. Should the author of the aforementioned blog wish for me to put maynonaise and ketchup on my face and pickles up my nose, I will not. I reserve the right to my opinions and will obtain such opinions in my brain regardless of the author of the aforementioned blog's request for me to remove their review. I will not be held responsible for the amount of views the review will have had before the removal of the aforementioned review. In closing, I am reviewing _________ blog. Please e-mail me at if you are the author of the aforementioned blog and have comments, questions and/or requests regarding the removal of the review. Thank you.

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