Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Today was horrible interesting to say the least.

My grandma called and told me her plans for the day (as she usually does on Saturday) and asked if I would like to be a part of them. As usual, I said yes.

First on the agenda? Breakfast. But where?

I suggested IHOP but no she doesn't like IHOP. They are too busy, too stuffy, bad service, not great food and her excuses went on and on. (even though they're never busy, I don't know what she meant by stuffy, they usually have incredible service because they know us and LOVE BUZZY & LESSY) and the food is as good as any other 24/hour joint. But no, IHOP it wasn't.

I suggested Shari's but she didn't want to go there either.

So we finally decided on Elmers. I personally don't like Elmers. THEY DO have HORRIBLE SERVICE, just OKAY food, and are more expensive than any of the other 24/hour places. But Elmers it was.

So we went and were seated. My cousin ordered chocolate chip pancakes which came drowned in chocolate syrup. She tried to eat them but couldn't. They had to be sent back. Then two elderly people (who looked in perfect health, walked perfectly find *no walkers, canes or limps in sight*) came and sat down next to us with their annoying little poodle. Yes POODLE! As in D-O-G! What if we were allergic??? In any case the dog wore a harness that said Service Animal but it was so obviously one of the ones bought at Walmart or some pet boutique. The dog was so obviously not a service dog, just by its behavior. It couldn't sit still!! On top of that the bill was astronomical, and my grandma's and my food was just bleh. We should have gone to IHOP.

So to the mall we went. (Tra la la la?)

Let me say I don't like going to the mall at this time of year. People become ruthless. They push and shove, and grumble and yell and do a bunch of things that are so opposite of what this season is supposed to stand for.

So at the mall I went to the ACTIVATE counter (a carrier of at&t products) because 2 months ago we had opened a line and got a free phone with the promise of the iPhone arriving within the next few weeks. Well that was October and it is now December and the iPhone isn't there nor is it expected at that particular location. So now we can't return the free phone and the promotion for the reduced price of the iPhone is void. I hate cell phone service. I really do.

Then we went to see Santa Clause (did you know Claus was spelled without an E at the end? I just realized this yesterday) In any case we watched him and finally Buzzy got up the guts to want to sit on his lap. So of course, Murphy's law would have it that at that moment that she gets up the gumption they would close off the line for Santa's 2 hour lunch break. NIIIIIICE! So all she got was a brief hello and a wave. Stupid Nice Santa.

We then proceeded to Fred Meyers where I thought I was going to have an aneurysm. As I drove around the parking lot, I found a car in a very awkward parking spot backing out. I stopped courteously to allow him time and space to get out of the spot. He sees me and stops. I wave for him to continue and he does nothing. Then he gets out of his car and with an expression of contempt on his face he gestures very rudely for me to proceed. Hey asshole Mr. I was doing you a f*ckin friggin favor. Why the hell heck do you have to be so damn darn rude about it???

Then inside Fred Meyer, once again I try to be courteous as I am in a toy isle. I tell a lady to go ahead of me and she looks at me as if I have sprouted antennae and says (and I quote)

"I'm coming down THAT LANE so YOU NEED TO MOVE!" I felt the urge to look around to see if she was really talking to me. Was she kidding??? What if I didn't want to move? Then what was the bitch lady gonna do??

Now I am home and warm and toasty in my bed. But this was only after Buzzy threw up her Toxic Hell Taco Bell dinner all over my mom and spent two hours past her bedtime playing with her gramma. (Thanks Mom...LOL) Lessy also threw up all over her gramma tonight but in a much less violent manner and just formula. Although formula barf smells RANK!!'

So I really shouldn't be blogging. I should be booking. Okay, not booking. Editing my booking, er, book. I just don't have the motivation I suppose and it's better that I not edit when I'm not inspired so as not to edit poorly or delete/add something that shouldn't be deleted or added.

In regards to the Buzzy Mama Slimdown, I have decided to embarrass myself fully. I will be taking photos monthly so my readers can see my progress. No worries, I will not be nude or in only underwear. But I will be wearing semi tight fitting clothes so that it is pretty obvious when and where I am losing. ((sigh))

Can't believe it's almost Christmas.

On a tangent topic: Who watches iCarly? For those of you with no kids and/or don't watch Nickelodeon and/or don't have a TV (Yes, I actually know many people who don't) iCarly is this highly addictive teeny bopper show starring Miranda Cosgrove.

It is truly one of the cutest, funniest shows I have seen in a really long time and both Buzzy and I really enjoy watching it. Anyhoo, the point of this is to say that Buzzy says the cutest things while watching iCarly. For example: Another character on the show is named Sam. When Buzzy wan't to watch iCarly she says, "Mama, Larly n Mam." = meaning Carly and Sam. She then dances around like a crazy woman like 'Larly and Mam' do when they do 'random dancing'. LOL I suppose you'd have to be there, but for all of you who have seen it, you know what I am talking about.

And now my pillow calls me. Krissy! Krissy!! Krissy!!!
Better go before it gets up and walks away and I am left pillowless for the night. That would just not be cool.

I leave you with this:

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