Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas & the Buzzy Mama Reduction Plan

Christmas was rough this year.
Not a lot of money.
Not a lot of health.
Not a lot of much.
But we were with family and THAT is all that matters.
Christmas isn't about a ton of gifts under the tree.
It is about being with the ones you love and loving them.
Christmas was rough but it was good. Great even.
Because I was with my family.
The most important thing anyone can have.

On another note:
Tomorrow it starts
((dramatic music here))
Tomorrow I will embark on a mission that I have embarked on before and failed miserably.
I will not fail this time
With God as my witness, health as my motivation, and you all - my audience - holding me accountable, I here by swear to do everything in my power to lose a minimum of 2lbs per week until I am beneath 200lbs. I will be posting 1 photo a week and weighing daily, so don't be surprised if an entry only holds a number.

I am excited, and nervous. I want to cry and laugh and pray that this time I will find it within myself to succeed because I and I alone hold the power to do so.

I have been finding inspiration in watching On Demand reruns of The Biggest Loser. I want to be a BIG LOSER. Oh how badly I want to be a BIG LOSER.

So here is to tomorrow and the next day and the next week, month, year. Pray for me. Pray that I can stay the course and shed the pounds. Not only for vanity, but for my health so that I will be alive to see my daughters grow into adults. How pathetic would it be to miss that because of poor eating habits? Pathetic and desperately saddening to my heart.

So it all comes down to this.
Are you with me?
Will you follow me?
Will you encourage me?
I hope so.
But regardless, I'm on a mission
The Buzzy's Mama Reduction Plan

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