Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Danta, NoMan, Poopy & Moon

Tonight my mom and I bundled Buzzy and Breezely up and took them out into the arctic Washington weather. We took my sisters truck to look at Christmas lights, Buzzy 'dwivin' on Nana's lap and Breezely fidgety on mine.

First off, even though the neighborhood lights are beautiful and gaudy and inspring my daughter (Buzzy of course because Breezely couldn't care less, especially when her binky keeps getting ripped out of her mouth - by her own hand) is much more fascinated by the moon. Everywhere we drive. "Nana, Moon! Mama, Moon! Bwi, Moon!" Yes, she tried to show her 4 month old sister the moon. How sweet is that?

There were a few lights and yard decorations that did catch Buzzy's attention though. First and foremost, Danta, who with her cold sounds more like Data but is in all actuality, Santa. The minute we'd see one she'd yell, Data Data and after we stopped and my mom would let her foot off the brake she'd immediately say, "Mo-uh" for more because she didn't want to leave yet. We also saw lots of "Nomans" which of course is Snowman in Buzzy speak and she was thoroughly confused when we saw a very obvious snow'woman' with eyelashes and other 'assets'. We call her a snowwoman and she just stared at us like we were nuts. And last but not least we saw Poopy. Not the brown stuff that comes in a diaper or a pooper scooper. No, not that. You'd think she'd call him soupy or noopy, but no. Alas, Snoopy is called Poopy. Poor dog.

And that was our night of neighborhood Christmas light scavenging.

More fun little tradition tidbits to come, I'm sure.

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