Sunday, December 27, 2009

Falling Off the Wagon, as We Speak

I did pretty well today eating. Until this evening. I did so well. For breakfast, oatmeal and a banana. For snack some of Buzzy's apple (cuz she can't eat the whole thing) for lunch I had a lean cuisine meal. For snack I had a matzo cracker with lightly spread peanut butter on it. And then I got a migraine . . . I'm imagining a low blood sugar induced one. So I ate a half a blueberry muffin and that's when the falling began. Then I wanted more, so I ate the other half of the blueberry muffin and I noticed that while I was chewing my head didn't hurt as bad, so then I ate a special K bar. ((sigh)) Now my mom and step-dad are getting Papa Murpheys pizza for dinner and ya, I'm intending to fall completely off the wagon. It's really very sad. Only the 2nd day. But I'm taking it a meal at a time. I will still weigh tomorrow and intend to eat well. I know for a fact that New Years Eve will be another big accident on the road of wagons . . . LOL Until tomorrow . . . or later, depending on how much I feel the need to blog.

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