Monday, December 28, 2009

First Blog Review - A Military Wife's Mayhem

Author: Vanessa


The layout of this blog is beautiful. The columns are evenly spaced (I hate it when one side is bigger than the other), the icons and links easy to read and well assorted. The color scheme is easy to look at. No squinting or straining here! My only complaint is that her 'follow me' button is far too low on the page. It should be at the top, easy to find.


The content is easy to read, with a good amount of pictures (there is such a thing as too many and really, who want to go to a blog with absolutely NO pictures?) Her writing is mildly amusing and at times comical and consists of mostly the goings on of her family with a few 'Momversations'. - basically her opinions on a mom-related video.

Overall Review

If you like Mom blogs, this is one for you. I for one, found it pretty mainstream. Nothing to make it really stand out except the initial 'wow, this thing is really well laid out and pretty!' . . . It basically flat-lined after that.

Other Blogs I would Give the Same Review to: by Michelle

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