Friday, December 18, 2009

It WAS Supposed to be Funny

I had intended to write this post and include funny jokes and things that I had come across to entertain and amuse you. But instead, I come to write with a heavy heart. As I sit here in my bed, between my two beautiful daughters who sleep happily at either side of me, I feel this deep sadness. I recently came across several blogs devoted to baby angels (Babies who passed away at birth or soon there-after due to difficulties or illness) and tears filled me eyes as I read each. I look at my girls and wonder not only why God allows babies to live the 9 months in their mommies' bellies or even a month or a few months in this world, only to take them back but I also can't help but wonder how I would react if God chose to take them from me. Tears well and spill over just at the thought. It is nearly inconceivable but I know it could happen. God has a reason for everything, but what could the reason for a baby being born with leukemia? What is the reason for another baby to be born with congenital heart defects? Why allow the life to begin at all if He is only going to take it away? Again, I know there IS a reason. I know that we are not meant to always know His reasons. I know I should not question His reasons for everything happens in His name and to honor Him. But why? Why innocent babies? I suppose it all goes back to trusting Him. Trusting that He is the light and He will carry us through our toughest moments as long as we look to Him.

Ok, now I have to go read/see/do something that will bring me out of this funk. UGH!

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