Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauties Sickies

The girls are sleeping.

Buzzy's nose is running, she's congested and face down in the carpet in what I assume is either defeat or an effort to stop the faucet in her nose.

Lessy (who I am going to start calling Breezely - info on that soon) is waking. Her binky is teetering out of her mouth, she's tossing and turning within her tightly swaddled blanket.

And I am watching THE BIGGEST LOSER in an attempt to motivate myself further than I already am. I will NOT fail this time.

Now, as for me changing Lessy's name. Don't worry. I'm not changing the website URL and she will always be Lessy in the sense of her name evolution. She was Little Nameless, then Lessy for lack of a nickname but now at home she has been given the nickname Breezely, and so that is what I will call her here.

I have a friend named David. He's really sweet. I hope I get the chance to write more about him soon. Yes, read into that what you will.

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