Sunday, December 27, 2009

To Be or Not To Be . . . Don't Ask

My Diet
K, so I gained 2 lbs between yesterday and today making my weigh in today ?22.6
I think it was the chicken curry I had for dinner which I am sure was super loaded with sodium. I didn't eat much else yesterday, let alone anything bad so that is all I can chalk it up to.
Breakfast - quarter of a nutrigrain bar (habits die hard. I had given it to Buzzy, she didn't want it and so without a thought I popped it into my mouth. UGH)
Lunch - Nonfat tall pumpkin spice late and some turkey
Dinner - yellow chicken curry with potatoes and carrots over white rice
Snacks - 1 banana and 3/4 of a baby orange...
I don't think that coulda hurt me? Am I wrong?

Holiday Sadness
While Christmas was not everything I had hoped due to family members including Buzzy being sick and others just in a bad mood I must be thankful that I at least have all my family members.
A friend of mine's husband (mid thirties)had a massive heart attack the Monday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve he was taken off life-support per his will. On Christmas Eve my friend had to tell her three children (ages 3, 5 and 9) that their daddy was very special and on this Christmas Eve he got to go to Heaven to celebrate with Jesus. She then took them to say goodbye to their daddy for the last time.
It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Brings tears to my eyes and makes me so thankful for everyone in my life.

I've been recently asked what I mean when I say I am anti-green. It means I don't bust my butt to recycle, it means I use aerosol cans, I don't use recycled products, I am not disturbed by people who use diesel gasoline, I don't conserve water or electricity (it's there to be used), I don't use non-toxic house cleaners, I don't use the material bags (DISGUSTING) the grocery stores offer in place of paper or plastic (In fact give me paper inside of plastic please), I don't burn compost and I don't donate to any efforts for global warming (or as it is now called 'climate change' - uh, hello isn't this called seasons?! **Gasp** NOT THAT!!) or animals that are going extinct. Sorry if it sounds crass but if an animal is going extinct there is a reason. Let nature be.

Politically Incorrect
I have also been recently asked if I consider myself to act politically correct. The answer to that is a BIG FAT WHOPPING
No, I don't.
I call it like it is and don't make a habit of sugar coating anything.

The terrorists held that were behind September 11th had their clothes removed and ropes tied (loosely) around their necks as American soldiers took pictures. HELL YES! You can believe if the positions were reversed the Americans would not only be humiliated in such a fashion but tortured and ultimately killed. Cuz that's how terrorists roll.

Soldiers were reprimanded for stepping on the Koran (or the Quran - whatever) and using it for target practice HELL NO! Muslims have been known to not only defile the Holy Bible but to burn it! Why the hell shouldn't we step on or shoot the HELL outta the Koran??

December is a month that celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. Therefore if someone wishes you Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, there should be no offense taken regardless of what you actually celebrate. (even if you celebrate nothing) The sentiment is well wishes. Get over yourself and your Happy Holidays, Seasons Greeting, Winter Break. That's Bullshitcrap. It's Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Christmas Break and dangit if I don't care if you're offended by my good sentiment.

There is so much more, but I am starting to get a headache from the elevation of blood pressure just at the thought.


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