Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wii is the Culprit

Okay so I don't believe I 'weighed in' yesterday, so here goes:

Yesterday I weighed the same : ?22.6

And today I gained a pound: ?23.2

I say Wii is the culprit. It is addicting and causes me to work and build up muscle (which weighs more than fat-come on everyone knows that) and therefore I am building muscle (rolls eyes) and losing fat? LOL I am trying to convince myself. Don't worry. I know how ridiculous it sounds.

In any case I fell off the wagon a post or so ago and it left me high and dry in the dust which is probably the true culprit of my weight gain instead of loss. I have been pigging out. I'm not sure why. But January first is near and I am going to give every effort in me to eat well and Wii/dance/walk my heart out.

As for blog reviews. I may do one every now and again when I find one exceptionally exceptional or exceptionally awful, but I have decided not to make it a regular thing. It was a novel idea in idea form but on the blog, not so much.

It snowed yesterday. Heavy and beautiful and white and it stuck and today . . . it is melting all around us. At this time last year it was blizzardy and it had been for going on 3 weeks. I miss the blizzardy. Then again, I don't. I'm fickle.

I got a call last night from the boogey man Art who asked me to look up flight prices for him from PDX to LAX (ie: Portland to Los Angeles) I said okay even though I am technically no longer obligated to do his secretarial bidding due to the fact that we are no longer together. He then went on to explain that he is going to fly into LA and then drive to Mexico city. When I asked him how long he was going to be gone he said 3 days. Uh, Okay. Yeah buddy, you're time doesn't quite add up. From Los Angeles to Mexico City alone it would take 3 days. Not to mention if you drive back that's 6 and then 3 more days if that is the intended amount of time meant to be IN Mexico. That makes 9. ((sigh)) In any case, he was supposed to have left today. I wonder if they'll let him come back, considering his green card is going to expire in the next month and I have the extention paperwork... hmmm.

Anything else to share?

Oh I am revamping (mostly done) my blog so if you find buttons you can't click on or links that don't link, I'm working on it.

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