Monday, January 11, 2010

A Day & A Phenomenal Movie

I woke up at 10 'til 8 - a miracle in my world considering there have been days when Buzzy or Breezely or the two heathens of them both wake me up at 6 or earlier - hearing Buzzy saying Mama over and over and over again. But it wasn't a whiney mama or a crying mama or an angry yelling mama or even a annoyed, hey mama wake up already. It was a very matter of fact mama... over and over and over again...
Buzzy and I both had a blueberry muffin for breakfast (she ate three bites and my mouth watered over the remains she left) with juice and black coffee BLECKKKKK!!! (remember how much I like creamer) The saying is, 'a little coffee with my cream'.
Anyway, then we watched some iCarly (because I my child am is seriously addicted, danced around a bit, and then their great grandma came over on her hour lunch break to eat with us and that was that.

My gramma (the same one who came for lunch) and my fabulous sister watched my girls this evening so my mom and I could go see a movie. Avatar! Now I am no movie critic but THIS movie is undoubtably THEE best movie I have ever seen. From it's phenomenal outline, to it's awe inspiring graphics to the beautiful story it is just fantastic! I'm not big on fantasy (although it is growing on me) and MUCH LESS inclined toward science fiction, but THIS. Oh THIS!! If you weren't planning on seeing it, you MUST change your mind and GO BUY A TICKET NOW! No Really! You won't regret it! I have to be honest though. The plot is not entirely original. Has anyone ever heard of the cartoon movie called Fern Gully? It basically has the same premise only it us based in the future while Fern Gully is in the present and at the end ... well I won't be a spoiler... in any case that was the only thing that didn't completely impress me about the movie. The rest, hands down, thee best movie I HAVE EVER SEEN.

On the way home, though, we received a call from my step-dad saying my Papa Jim had fallen again. He hit his head this time. A post, most likely entitled A Vessel of Fury is coming soon regarding this particular subject. In the mean time, please pray that God's Will will be done. Papa Jim is old, has had so many things wrong with him for so long it's hard to remember everything. I don't want him to pass away, but I don't want him to suffer this way anymore either. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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