Saturday, January 30, 2010

BLUE LEGUME - I'm Blue Daba Dee Daba Die

Yes, Yes indeed I am.

Why? You ask.

Lemme tell ya.

*This has nothing to do with weight, which probably means I should be posting it on my other blog, but I'm not gonna-more on that later too*

So tonight, I wrote these posts. Yeah, the two below this one. I 'published' them and realized because I had already pre-made some of the titles the date and time stamp were wrong. No biggy. I just go and change them right? Right?! WRONG!

When I click the EDIT POSTS I get this lovely little pop-up message.

Now, readers of this blog probably don't know it but the readers of my original blog know that I specifically bought a Netbook to write my first novel on. This Netbook has given me so many problems with virus alerts etc that I am starting to think that it's a conspiracy to get a couple grand out of me and regret not having purchased a regular laptop. This exact message occurred not 4 months ago and I promptly lost all of my precious pictures, queries, outlines AND MY NOVEL! Thank God I had e-mailed it to myself and my sister. So I had Geeksquad check it out, fix it and it cost me $199.00 to do that. UGH!

And now here I am in the same position. Thankfully I was able to recognize the fony internet virus alert and pull up all precious documents and save them to a thumb drive before I smashed the hell outta my netbook stored my netbook away in my closet to be fixed at a later date when I have the money.

So, now I am using the laptop my sister gave me. It's HUGE! At least in comparison to the netbook. Think 12" screen as opposed to like 17" screen. GINORMOUS!!

Anyway, I also mentioned earlier that this post probably belongs on my other blog. But I am thinking that I probably won't be posting there much anymore. I prefer to log my woes, and joys and bitching and ranting and raving and smart ass comments over here... Hope ya'll don't mind. No worries, the content will probably remain mostly the same. The ins and outs of my weight loss journey with an occasional post such as this only probably much shorter every once in a while.

Oh, 1 more thing. I ate under my calories today but I think I ate too little. Either too little or too little of substance because my stomach is growling loudly at me. NOT COOL! For that reason I shall sleep now. Good night blogging world! Until tomorrow!

The Fat Chick


  1. aw, geez...sorry about your virus. i had a hard drive crash a couple of months ago and lost years worth of precious photos. some i had backed up...but there were many, many that i did not. i learned a valuable lesson from that! good luck to you!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog... Thanks for your prayers! I found out I got the job this morning!!!!!

  3. I too would like to write a novel. I just don't know if anyone would want to read it. I hope you have better luck with your computer!


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