Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today was strange.

For breakfast I had coffee w/ cream - 150 cals
Banana muffin - 140 cals

Total - 290 cals

Now, after breakfast several things happened. Buzzy had a meltdown that needed reprimanding and then much love. Breezely decided this was the perfect time to be super needy. My mom left me to go talk with her stalker husband and to get her daily morning frapuccino and my ex decided that instead of seeing his girls in the morning as we had planned, he wanted to cook pozole because he had a craving for it and therefore would see them in the afternoon. I was overwhelmed. Completely and utterly overwhelmed. Well, after several minutes that felt like several days I was able to calm Buzzy and lay her down with her 'baba', 'bankie' to watch a little TV. Yes, yes I know. Bad mama. Whatever. I gave Breezely her 'baba' and continued texting my ex about how pissed I was that he would change the schedule because he knew the girls adjusted better to change in the morning than in the afternoon.

My mom came home a bit later only to head straight back out to take my sister to get toxic hell Taco Bell.

**Tangent** Amazingly enough it didn't even cross my mind to ask my mom to bring me something back. 5 weeks ago I would have asked her to bring me a burrito supreme and a nachos bell grande. 4 weeks ago after starting my healthy eating, I would have hemmed and hawwed over what the fast food joint had that was healthy and possibly or possibly not decided to get something fattening anyway. Now, it didn't even cross my mind. YAY ME!

Anyhoo, the second departure of my mother was not welcomed happily by Buzzy who pitched another fit, proceeded to throw things at me followed by another meltdown and reprimanding ending with some mama lovin' and a 'baba' & 'bankie'.

When my mom returned my sister and I left to get our brows waxed. Tomorrow we are doing her senior portrait & my mom wanted me in my sister's photo the way she was in mine.

After the waxing I was supposed to pick up the girls and take them to eat with my ex but they both had fallen asleep (much to his dismay) Needless to say they both slept well past lunchtime and though Buzzy was offered food when she woke (which she promptly rejected - who wants to eat when there are 8 regular teeth and at least 2 molars trying to cut through?)

So, long story even longer, or shorter I guess depending on how bored you are, I ate NOTHING between breakfast and dinner. Thanks to stress I actually forgot to eat instead of binging because of it. It was a good thing too, because Spaghetti Friday had been changed to Spaghetti Thursday this week at my grandparent's house due to some gala they're going to. So I ate a plate and a 1/4 of thee most fantabulous spaghetti with meat sauce ever for dinner. I estimated that the plate and 1/4 probably added up to about 700-800 cals. But technically it could have been as high as 1200 cals and I still wouldn't have gone over my 1500 cals for the day.

Now, here is what I'm worried about. Sodium and water retention. I ALWAYS retain water when I eat my grandparent's food. ALWAYS. So in a meager attempt to counteract said water retention I drank a few bottles of water with dinner. I suppose only the scale will tell.

Which brings me to this!!

Tomorrow is Friday Weigh In!

I'm hoping to have lost about 2lbs. That would make me happy. Of course more would be great too. We'll see.

Oh, here I am being accountable for my exercise too.
What did I do today?
I did every bit of the 30 Day Shred except to abs. I can't lay on the floor because of my inverted tailbone. Talk about pain. So, I'll have to figure out something (like a pillow or doing it on a bed) to modify it so I can get the full effect of the workout. In addition to the Shred, I ran around outside for an hour with Buzzy, zooming her all over the place in her push'n'play car. Then I did Wii Fit for about 45 minutes. I'm hoping the last chance workout negates my crappy last meal.

In any case, here are to BIG FRIGGIN' LOSERS AND small little numbers on the scale.

The Fat Chick


  1. The best way I have found to get rid of water weight? Dandelion Root Tea!! I drink that and I pee all day long, wayyyy more liquids come out then go in. Good luck!


  2. get one of those big exercise balls. they are awesome for doing modified sit-ups and ab work! i've got the issue of when i lay down to do sit ups, my tits like..suffocate me lol. good luck on weigh in!!


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