Sunday, January 24, 2010


Warning: The first segment of my post may contain foul language and a bunch of ranting/complaining/bitching/moaning and groaning.


As I stated in an earlier post, my ex and I are separated. NOT LEGALLY SEPARATED, LET ALONE DIVORCED. Now he provides for my and my girls despite the fact that we live in different homes, and even in different states.

About a month ago I received a letter from The Department of Social and Health Services asking if I wanted to sue him JUST for medical coverage or for coverage and child support. I didn't want to do either and didn't understand why the paperwork had been sent to be because I hadn't solicited it.

Well, apparently in Washington state there is some kind of law that says if the children and wife are covered by state medical than it is the state's obligation to try to get the husband's work to relieve the state of that obligation and if the wife so wishes she can request child support in addition to it.

Well, I don't want either! My husband's work insurance viability fluctuates depending on his hours worked. If he works over 24 hours he has it. If he works less he doesn't. I don't want my girls' health hanging on his schedule!! Not to mention the fact that I don't want child support. If I wanted child support I'd have already divorced him and sued him for everything he's worth (which isn't much)but I DON'T want that.

Our situation right now is great. He pays for our necessities and I get to live far far far away from him and only see him once in a while when he wants to see the girls. This is a good arrangement for me and for him too, considering the circumstances. I mean, he could have married a witchy bitch who would live far away AND make him cover his children with his medical AND have his paycheck garnished for child support. But no, things were good.

So, as I am filling out the paperwork for the obligatory request for medical coverage I am required to send in, I start getting all these personal questions. My race - why the hell do they care? My height, weight, hair and eye color? What the FUCK? Am I sending in registration for a driver's license or the social and health services. I mean COME ON! Then the question that really got to me was under each of my daughter's birthdays it asked, 'did the mother get pregnant in Washington state' . . . I see no way this has any relevance regardless of the situation. NONE. If you know something about laws I don't please enlighten me.

So I'm pretty cheesed off. Yeah, my blood pressure is probably through the roof and I feel like binging. Which brings me to my next topic.



Ihop omelet for me & fruit, 1 serving 360
Ihop coffee and cream, 1 serving 80

Breakfast TOTALS: 440


cheese ravioli LC, 1 serving 220

Lunch TOTALS: 220


general tsos chicken, 1 serving 586
sticky rice, 1 serving 169

Dinner TOTALS: 755


choco pretzels, 1 serving 100
marionberry pie, 1 serving 684
tcby, 1 serving 140

Snack TOTALS: 924



WHAT THE FYUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I was so careful today. My Ihop breakfast ('for me' which means I chose of the healthy 'for me' menu with low cals etc. Then I had my Lean Cuisine lunch and a 100 calorie snack of chocolate covered pretzels. Then I even investigated how many calories were in General Tsos chicken and white rice and added those all up and it came to upwards of 1700 calories. Okay, so I was 200 over my estimated 1500 but that was okay.

Well, did I mention it was my grandpa's 62nd birthday? Yeah, well it was and no one told me there would be pie. Okay, fine. Pie. But ohhhhhh no. Not JUST pie. But Shari's Marionberry pie. OMG to die for. I hemmed and hawwed and then requested a very small piece and the piece I got was actually pretty small. Then they gave me a scoop of 140 calorie, low fat TCBY yogurt on top and OMG - the taste. YUMMM! Immediately afterward, if not several minutes before I finished the pie though, I began to feel horrible. Stomach grumbling, I gotta get to the bathroom now kinda horrible. So, I escaped to the restaurant bathroom. Then came the nausea. I shouldn't have eaten the pie, I told myself. I knew I shouldn't have eaten the pie. Yet there I was ready to blow chunks and heaving in the bathroom stall because I ATE THE FRIGGIN PIE.

So, after all the commotion and still feel green around the gills I go home and investigate. Just how many calories extra was that pie? Without the pie I am around 1900 calories by now thanks to that dang TCBY yogurt. That's a whole meal above and beyond my allotted 1500 calories. So I research and BAM! Staring me in the face on the Shari's website under nutritional info is this horrible horrible number. I cringe as I type it. 560. YEP, 560 . . . A piece of Shari's Marionberry pie is 560 calories. Granted I did eat a 'smaller' piece but by how much I have no idea. No idea whatsoever so I just added the full amount to overestimate and gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my daily total calories is 2,339 . . . I am ashamed of myself. And my stomach is still gurgling in hopes of vomiting up that shitload of crap I ate.


I'm off to look at my ON DEMAND menu to see if there are any reasonable workouts to do . . . I need to do something to counteract all those extra calories. JEEZ!

So goodnight.

The Fat Chick


  1. Hang in might even work in your favor...have you heard of varying your calories to keep your metabolism questioning you? Yes, maybe you went over a ways, but just leave it in the past and start fresh tomorrow morning. Don't beat yourself up too much, and more importantly don't let it be an excuse to lead to a binge (that's my problem! haha). You are doing day will not throw off the big picture!

  2. Like Jessica said, just hang in there. I myself had a splurge weekend as well. My McDonalds splurge left me sick as can be, so I totally understand, lol. Just don't let it get to you. Just put it behind and tomorrow, choose not to do it again. When I decided to have the "bad" food, I just tell myself, I am sticking to my plan tomorrow and I'm not going to let one misstep move me back to the bottom of the stairs. Keep up the good work!

  3. It's a new day, no reason to repeat that kind of eating, stay full on green veggies, it's a miracle and you'll have rapid digestion and lose weight fast--raw, plain, green veggies-lots of them. Works for me.

  4. Sorry to hear that things are going well for you right now. It's always hard with an ex, especially when you know what's best for you and your kids. Keep pushing through and staying strong. :) And as for the food. Try to forget about it. It's gonna be hard, but try. You can start fresh the next day and work out a bit harder. Don't let it stay on your mind. Good luck!

  5. Its okay to have a bad day. Tomorrow it will help you keep on track. And getting a stomache ache was probally cause it was rich. Seperation is a pain in the ass. And here in NY social services want to know everything for any type of assistance ( food stamps, medical ect) Its realy retarded that they make you feel like a criminal for taking care of your daughters. Good Luck..Blessed BE


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