Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My goal for dinner tonight was to have only one bowl of stew and only one piece of bread/biscuit. Well, I didn't succeed, I don't think. First the stew was served on plates so I wasn't sure if a plate could hold as much as a bowl, so alas, I had seconds. I did however, easily pass on the bread because there were no biscuits and only sour dough/wheat mix somethin or other. Bleck!!

These are the muffins I made for my breakfast every morning. 240 calories per but mmm mmm mmm are they good and even better with a good cup of coffee. These specific ones are blueberrY but I also make cranberry/orange, banana, and bran. They're all FABULOUS and small for those people like me who need energy in the morning but usually aren't that hungry.

Well, that's it today my people! Onto tomorrow and hopefully another pound lost. My goal is to be under 300 by my trip to California. Can I do it??

Til later

The Fat Chick

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