Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It is at times like these *cold winter cloudy, rainy, drizzly mess* that I miss California more than usual.

This picture does not only represent my home for so many years but WAS my home for so many years. And no, I didn't just live in these apartments and swim in this pool. The lower level apartment on the far left WAS MY HOME from the time I was in elementary school until I graduated high school. It was HUGE PART of my life.

A little history. I was born and grew up near Los Angeles. My life was lived IN THE SUN and I HATED every moment of it. When I moved to Washington 20 years later I was so excited to get out of the sun and have some real seasons, real weather. Now, nearly 5 years, 2 babies and 1 HUGE RESOLUTION later, I HATE HATE HATE HATE the stupid winter season and all it's non-sun-ness that it brings.

This is what it brings, whether it be through the glass panes of a house's windows or the glass pane of my windshield. This is what I constantly see and I HATE it!

Why do I hate it? You ask. I'll tell you.

1. I have 2 children. Staying indoors in not cohesive to expending the energy that babies have and babies without expended energy are cranky little rag-a-muffins who don't nap, don't eat and just throw temper tantrums all day.

2. I can't take a break from the wii or other indoor workout activities to take a stroll, or a brisk walk or a run, because DAMMIT! I don't have 8 arms. I wish I did but holding an infant in her bjorn (because I honestly don't trust it fully after the last issue we had with it), pushing a toddler in her car or stroller who constantly wants to get out and stomp in the puddles or is complaining cuz she's 'gettin' wet', as well as holding an umbrella to keep me and said baby dry and trying to concentrate on my exercise . . . it's just impossible!

3. I hate to be wet. I HATE HATE HATE IT!

AND 4. I feel the need to eat. Cold, rainy weather makes me wanna sit down with a movie or a book and shove food in my face. NOT COOL!


I did very well today. As well, if not better than yesterday, so we can officially say I ROCKED MY OWN SOCKS 2 days in a row. I rocked my calories, eating just about 1300, I rocked my exercise, doing wii 2x!! And I rocked my willpower, not giving into temptation when my mom made several dozen double chocolate chip and sugar cookies!! That's right! I rocked the HELL outta my WILLPOWER.

2 more days until my 4th weigh in and the beginning of my 5th week! Wahoooo!

The Fat Chick


  1. It's rainy, drizzly and cold in SoCal tonight, too, so you're not missing much! =)

  2. Only 1300 calories, you will be a skinny-mini soon!


  3. that's great that you're staying on track even in poor weather. I LOOOOVE the winters here in NY but yeah, they do make you just want to lay in bed with a movie and snacks. :( keep at it, by the time the sunshine rolls around you'll be looking and feeling great!


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  5. nice job on the willpower!

  6. I'll have to agree with JessicaD! I live in California and it is nothing to miss right now! It's been rainy and wet and cold!
    I'm glad to hear that despite all your feelings towards the rain and how it makes you just want to eat, that you still managed to KICK BUTT! 2 days in a row.. and 2 more to go before your weigh in!
    No doubt here that it's gonna be a good one! :)


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