Friday, January 1, 2010


Where have the years gone?

I was just watching the ball drop on TV in my grandparent's living room in the year 2000!

I just got my first boyfriend in 2001

I was just graduating high school in 2002.

I was just getting my first great paying job in 2003.

I was just moving to Washington in 2004.

I was just living up the single life in my own apartment in 2005.

I was just moving to Mexico in 2006.

I was just getting married in 2006.

I was just finding out I lost my first baby in 2007.

I was justing giving birth to my first daughter in 2008.

I was just giving birth to my second daughter in 2009.

And here we are 2010.

Life flies. Enjoy it. Appreciate it because before we know it, we're gone.

In Memory of Srgt. Craig Mendenhall (who passed away the Sunday after Christmas due to complications after a massive heart attack)

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