Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay I have to say I have gotten a buttload ton of e-mails saying that you have tried to comment on one post or another (aww, thanks guys) but haven't been able to. (say what now?) I think I fixed the problem . . . after trying to change my template again and again with no success . . . by expanding the widget box of the stupid captcha phrases so that you can (gasp) actually enter the stupid word and submit it. I really hate that blogger makes us do this. In any case, let me know if it is or isn't working (by e-mail of course if it still isn't) in which case I will have to personally go somewhere . . . to where ever blogger creaters dwell and . . . do somthin' nasty to 'em.

Just for the hell heck of it here is today's food log:

Banana Oatmeal - 130 cals
1 cup nonfat milk - 86 cals
Lean Cuisine sesame chicken -330 cals
Tortilla chips and salsa - 300
Left over olive garden breadstick - 150 cals
Lean Cuisine Shrimp Pasta - 360
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich - 140

For a grand total of 1316 cals today! Yay for low cals and stuffed bellies!!

The Fat Chick


  1. I am so glad you fixed the comments!

    That is a sensible meal day, good work keeping the calories so low.


  2. Whoo Hoo on keeping the calories down. I am still working on that! I Have to go back and post all the comments on your other blogs now. Thank god it wasn't my computer casue I was flipping....blessed be

  3. great job! you gotta love that feeling of hunger satisfaction...and staying within your calorie count!

  4. Yay, comments are fixed! Great job on the calories!

  5. just checkin to see if i work ;)

  6. YEEEHHHAWWWW I can finally comment!!!! :-D
    I had various words of encouragement and pats on the back but one common thing to say each time I tried which is, "you need more food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    How did you come up with your daily total caloric requirements? SOrry if I missed it, Im a newbie to your blogging!


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