Saturday, January 30, 2010


Aside from being healthy and looking totally hot, cuz I know I will (j/k) what am I looking forward to when I’m thin? Oh just a few (hundred) things.


1. Being able to run after my girls without getting winded and tired, making me want to stop whatever activity is occurring.

2. Being able to pick and outfit out of my closet because of how cute it is or because I want to wear it, instead of picking an outfit based on what will ‘hide the fat best’ and what actually fits.

3. Not having to worry every second of every minute what people are thinking about my weight.
4. Not having to worry about (not) fitting into chairs with arms at restaurants, coffee placed (Starbucks, duh) and any other public place that provides arm-chair seating.

5. Not having to worry if I will fit in an airplane seat.

6. Not having to worry if said airplane seat belt is long enough to wrap around my fat ample ass girth.

7. Not having bruises on my hips from where the seat belt clicker thingy digs into my skin because my hips overflow the seat in my car.

8. Not having to worry if I fit in the seats on roller coasters, or even better yet if I do fit not having to worry if the belt/harness/straps will fit over me
*Let’s just say I am looking forward to fitting into things that I don’t necessarily fit into all the time right now.

9. 3 letters S-E-X … I am looking forward to sex without worrying about if I ‘can do that’ ‘fit that way’ ‘move that way’ ‘stay that way that long’ . . . you get the picture. As well as, I can’t wait to live in the moment and not be more focused on what he is thinking about my body than anything else.

10. Sitting on the couch without taking up an entire cushion

11. I want to hear people whisper when they think I can’t hear, ‘whoa, she lost sooo much weight!’ or ‘she’s so thin!’ OR EVEN ‘she used to be sooo fat!’ LOL

12. I am excited for weight not to be the dominant thing on my mind on a daily basis

13. I am excited to regain a life and get rid of the couch potato-eating machine habit. Thankfully this has already begun.

14. I look forward to being able to fit in a normal sized pantie. Not size 9 or 10 which not everyone carries

15. Being able to wear a sexy bra – my boobs are pretty small when I’m thinner so by all means I SHOULD be able to wear a Victoria Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie ensemble when I’ve lost the weight.

16. No more over sized, stretch, elastic, NOTHING

17. I’ve always wanted a pea coat, to wear leggings and a cute dress


I’m sure there is more but I could probably go on for days. Thankfully I don’t just get to dream about these things. I’m not too late to make them a reality and am in the process of doing so. Praise God!
The Fat Chick
** This post has been edited to add some other things that I thought of that I'm glad to be leaving behind**
18. Needing to look for the 'handicap' stall in a restroom because the standard stalls are either so small I can't turn around or I can't spread my legs apart wide enough to . . . you get the idea
19. I am looking forward to being able to cross my legs and not just at the ankles... oh no, I'm talking about ... yep you guessed it ... the knees!
20. I look forward to not having to deal with ignorance (more on this later... probably in a separate post)
reminded me of something else I am looking forward to and then I thought of a couple more on my own.
21. I can't wait until I don't have to lift up my lower belly to dry my thighs after a shower.
*Ever since I was pregnant with Buzzy I have been prone to external yeast infections and if I don't take like 15 minutes to make sure all underlings are so dry I could crack the skin I'm doomed for a yeast infection*
22. I can't wait until I don't have to buy super long super huge pads because my butt is super huge. I wanna buy normal size pads.
23. TMI ALERT! I can't wait to not have to spread my legs to splitting position and bend forward to *ahem* wipe
24. I can't wait until I don't have to heave myself from a sitting position. I want to be able to just lean forward and stand up.
25. I CANNOT wait for my entire thighs not to rub together. The top parts are ok but the entire things? Yeah, kinda sick of that.
26. I cannot wait to be able to turn around in the shower without knocking the shampoo or soap from its ledge with a deafening thud
The Fat Chick


  1. Yeah, so I could have written this post myself, for the most part. We have so many things to look forward to!

  2. I agree with your list 100%. I'm actually looking at the list I was making for my blog and yours and there's quite a bit in common. I can't wait for the Victoria's Secret lingerie the most though :D

  3. I'm with you 100%. These are all things I am terrified/embarrassed of right now.

    I can't wait until there are no more weight fears/issues!



  4. those are awesome! me too...all of the above! and how about...being thankful that one day i will not have to 'lift' my gut to dry off underneath it after i get out of the shower. that one is huge for me.

  5. That is courageous of you to write that. It liberates people who want to lose weigh to be able to read what you have written. Thank you for your work here.
    God willing you will achieve all of your goals.


  6. I realized the other day I could do number 19 and I was like wow!
    #25 is something I'm ready for.


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