Thursday, January 14, 2010

More for Me

So, I am posting this more for the sake of jotting down and adding up my calories... more so than for the sake of actually blogging it but heck, why not blog as I decipher, right?

So today I ate:

Blueberry muffin: 240 cals
Banana: 184 Cals
Broccoli Cheese potato Lean Cuisine: 230
A few cherry tomatoes: max 10 cals
Stuffed cheese noodle Lean cuisine : 220 cals
Banana: 184 cals
7 pieces of sugarless gum throughout the day: 35 cals
2 diet cokes: 0 cals

For a Grand Total of: 1103 cals

Which means I have enough calories left over to have a 240 cal skinny cow ice cream sandwich... YAY!

Ugh, but should I? I think I had too much sodium in my food recently because I gained 2lbs between yesterday and today. It couldn't have been anything else. I didn't eat anything different except the high sodium stew my grandpa made and definitely stayed under my calories. I guess we'll see on tomorrows weigh in. ((shrugs))

The Fat Chick


  1. How are you not getting more comments? Youre doing amazing, you need more support! Major shout out coming to you soon!

  2. 1100 calories? That will do the job!
    1600 is a good number for loss, so an occasional 1100 calorie day will do wonderful.
    Good luck, but LUCK has nothing to do with it...



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