Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Strategy

Here is the strategy that seems to work for me. Everyone is different, though, so keep that in mind. What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

First off, I eat Lean - Lean Cuisine that is.

I spent a good $400/month on Jenny Craig once upon a time and lost 30lbs in 4 weeks. I figured, with the Lean Cuisines I could basically do the same thing (not monitored like at Jenny though) with added veggies, fruits and low calorie snacks. Lean Cuisine has such a variety of different foods and very few I dislike. They range in calories from 200-360 and most are delicious AND THE BEST PART, they fill me up.

Second, I make a point of MOVING every day. With two little girls under 2 it isn't difficult to stay on the run but I don't always have an hour or even a 1/2 hour to set aside for formal exercise. Therefore I make a point of moving. I try to do extra little chores that keep me from sitting on my butt, I try to park far away when I go somewhere (unless it's raining because babies and rain do not compliment each other well) so that I must 'take a walk' to get to where ever it is that I need to go.

When I do have time for formal exercise I take walks with my girls, dance to Wii's JUST DANCE, do Wii Sports and soon will be buying the Wii Fit Plus to enjoy. I would also like to purchase Jillian Michael's '30 Day Shred', but everyone seems to be sold out.

Things I will dabble with throughout the duration of this journey that is my weight loss:

Water vs. other non-caffeinated sugar-free drinks

Eating a ton of grapefruit - supposedly it contains special enzymes that aid in fat burning

Interval Exercise - running for 30-60 seconds, then walking the next 1-2 minutes and repeating for the duration of a 30-60 minute workout.

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