Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo Time . . .

It's been a long time since I updated you all with photos of both Buzzy and Breezely. So here they are, a photo albums worth (almost) of photos. Please enjoy . . .

Buzzy enjoying the new push and ride car that her Nana and Chief got her for Christmas

Waiting to be let in from outside...she was quite wet from puddle stomping

Puddle stomping

Really bad exposure of a really cute pic of Breezely trying to eat her sister

Breezely Nuzzling Buzzy

"Here sissy, I'll hold your baba for you . . ." She's really devising a scheme to get the bottle away from Buzzy to keep it all for herself

No one said you could get this close . . . now move your big head over there

Buzzy: I'm only smiling because the camera is watching, otherwise I'd be pitching a fit
Breezely: I want the blanky, come to me blanky

That is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life . . . can I eat it?

Bad exposure . . . sweet girl

Good exposure . . . my little possessed child pitching a screaming fit

Oh, there you are again with the camera again . . . I'll smile if you get out of my face

That flash was insane, I almost went blind and it has directly affected my mouth! Look at what it did to my mouth!

Drool and bubbles while playin' in the bouncy thing. Can't get better than this.

Isn't it time for food yet?

I'm gettin some static on the radar monitor

Dreaming of cotton candy and sugar plum fairies

No my daughter does not have a mustache... lighting though would beg to differ


Buzzy: Hey Breeze your boobies are bigger than mine. What up with that?

Buzzy: This stupid arm just won't go away! Take it off!

Breezely: I've calmed her about the arm issue, but she still has issues
Buzzy: Why are Breezely's boobies bigger?

Buzzy: Maybe I can steal em when she's not payin attention

My big bellied, big boobied, dark haired, dark eyed, pillow dwelling munchkins

Breezely: If I never move mom won't remember I'm here
Buzzy: If I close my eyes and imagine bigger boobies

The Booger Shot
Thankfully, all's clear

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