Thursday, January 21, 2010

PUDDING PATROL - A Confessional of Sorts

Okay, remember how I so matter of factly informed you all that I would be eating NONE of my grandma's homemade potpie? Yeah, I remember that too and guess what. I lied. Ok, so I didn't eat very much. Maybe a serving sans any crust, but I still ate it and oh boy was it worth it. I'm going to down some water bottles tonight in the hopes of counteracting any water retention currently retaining itself in my body. What sucks, though, is that for the 3rd time in the same month Aunt Flow has decided to visit me, AGAIN! So, I don't know how tomorrows weigh in is going to go. I pray I stay at least where I was today because it looked good! Really good!

Other than walking today I danced to Just Dance on my Wii. I got in some good cardio and hoping that helps with tomorrows weigh in as well. My mom is talking about getting the Wii Fit Plus sooner than later and an extra balance board so we can do it together. I think that would be awesome.

Anyone have Wii Fit Plus and have any comments/reviews on it?

Tonight I am taking my before photos so will be posting those tomorrow along with my weight loss. I think I will be taking photos every time I've lost 20lbs.

Well, I am off to guzzle water and watch White Collar with my mom (DVR'd of course)... Counting down the hours till tomorrows weigh. Not sure why, but I'm very excited. Heck, I'm excited every Friday! Even though this is technically only the 2nd one.

So until tomorrow.

The Fat Chick

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  1. I love dancing... as a parent it has always been there for me through the years, just ad music. Its a great way to get your heart rate up, It is fun to do with your kids, It can happen rain or shine.

    I had a counselor once tell me to sing alone at the top of my lungs to at least one song a day and to dance to at least two songs a day... I think of these things as my antidepressant.


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