Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Okay, first does anyone know where the title of my post came from? Hmmm? Anyone? Well my titles are going to follow suit for the next several blogs, so don't be alarmed. I have not gone insane and for those of you who know where these titles come from . . . feel free to say so!

Anyway, this post is going to be another smathering of my thoughts. Please bear with me through my attempt at expressing them. LOL


Yesterday I ate almost 200 calories under my intended calorie intake of 1500 calories. I just wasn’t hungry. Last night in an attempt to boost my calorie intake and ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwich but that is what brought me to 200 under. Otherwise I’d have been more like 340 under.

Today was a different story. Short history: my sister just got a new job and my mom wanted to take her clothes shopping and because she has an impaired (her word not mine) sense of fashion she insisted that my mom and I help her pick out some stuff. Well, the mall nearby just doesn’t have quality stored to shop in, so we drove 30 miles South into Oregon to a nicer mall. Of course being that far away, I knew in advance we would be eating out. So I purposely limited my food intake in anticipation of what I might consume. At home I ate a Lean Cuisine and a nectarine. At the mall, after hours and hours of walking back and forth (good exercise by the way) I had a Jamba juice (one of the Light under 180 calories ones) Then we decided Olive Garden was for dinner. I figured heck, what did I eat? Roughly 500 calories. Heck, that means I have 1000 calories left. My favorite thing at Olive Garden is their soup and salad (and breadsticks of course) and I figured if I had one or two breadsticks and a bowl of salad and a bowl of soup I’d be fine, right? Yeah . . . uh huh . . . right.

I started out well. I had one breadstick and a small bowl of salad. But then the soup took forever to come and so I had another small bowl of salad. Do you know how many calories are in EACH bowl of salad with dressing??? Do you??? 350!!! So right there, that’s 700 calories, plus the breadstick which is 150. YIKES! Then my soup still didn’t come so I had a few more nibbles of salad bringing me to a grand total of 2.5 servings of salad. That’s 850 calories for salad alone! So 850 + the 500 I had eaten at home was roughly 1350 calories. If I had stopped there I would have been fine. But then my soup came. One bowl of Paste E Fagioli soup is 150 calories. Okay, fine. That brings me to EXACTLY 1500 calories but then I have to go and have one more breadstick with my soup. I mean come on! What is soup without dipping a breadstick? LOL So my grand total for today was 1650 all because of a stupid breadstick. Haha!


No really. I have a really bad pain in my butt. I pinched something in my back (something I do often since my spinal from hell for my c-section with Breezely) and now from my waist down my right butt cheek into the joint between my hip and my leg feels like someone is literally grinding the bone away. It hurts sooo bad.
And I was so psyched! I bought a fancy shmancy pedometer today that I can keep in my pocket or wear around my neck and was planning on starting my jogging/walking routine tomorrow morning. Yeah, now that’s gonna have to wait unless my hip/nerve magically repairs itself as I sleep tonight. Chances are though, that my bad sleeping patterns and restlessness will only make it worse. DAMMIT DANGIT!!
I have been looking EVERY-FRICKIN-WHERE to buy a Wii fit plus (you know, the one that comes with the balance board) and NO ONE- that’s right – NOOOOO OOOONNNNNEEE has them. They all say that Nintendo has all the Wii Fit Plus’s on backorder. WTF? Did they not anticipate that consumers who have purchased the ever popular Wii console would not go out to buy the Wii Fit Plus too? Or are they secretly conspiring against us to get us to buy the regular Wii Fit and the balance board separately to gain more profit. Yeah, okay, I see how it is . . . well they aren’t getting MY money till they send out the dang Wii Fit Plus’s. So there (((insert immature tongue sticking out here)))


This Friday I am going to take a photo of myself. Probably in yoga pants and a bra for all to ogle in disgust barf at the side of see how I look right now and for those who commented that I look about 160 lbs you will see that from the chest down, I look like I ate another person who began to expand within me. Are you prepared? I’m not sure I am. Maybe I will just wear really tight clothes. I’m not sure. Somethin’ kinda personal about baring skin. Kwim?


Arranged in order from oldest to newest comments

Monica – Thanks for the info on The 30 Day Shred. I am investigating the deets of this workout and if I think I (will ever be able to) can do it. Also, once upon a time you asked me what my secrets were. To be honest, I am just determined. I have (had) 3 life goals. One is complete. I finished my first novel. My second is to lose all this dang weight and now I am determined as hell to do it. My third and final goal will take forever because it is literally to see my daughters grow up happy healthy and successful. Something I have a huge part in but not total control over like the other two things. As for what I physically do to lose weight. I eat a lot of Lean Cuisines and nothing else . . . one Lean Cuisine per meal with maybe a side salad and low fat dressing. Not much else. I don’t snack and I don’t let myself wander into the kitchen unnecessarily. I dance to JUST DANCE, a Wii game and walk when the weather here permits.

Secretia – Thanks for your comments. My calories definitely fluctuate and your confirming that an occasional low day will help was very encouraging.

Thank you for your comments and support Veronica Lee, Onewhocares, Jenny Lincoln, Jenn, Kristen, Natalia, September Mom and Miss Chunky Chick

Kristen – Thank you for your idea of putting diet soda into ice trays. That is fabulous and had never heard of it before you suggested it. I did it the other day and OMG – a fabulous calorie free snack! Thank you!!

Nancy Marie – I wish you a ton of success in your weight loss Journey too!! And I’m following your blog. Sometimes I am not able to comment as much as I’d like to because of my little one’s and their need for attention (can you believe that? Kids wanting their mom’s attention? LOL) Anyway, I’m following your journey too. Here’s too weightloss!!

Thank you to Scarlet Simple, Blossom and Cookie girl for confirming that I did not go over my calories. With being so fresh and new into this weightloss thing, sometimes you freak out over every calorie and its nice when fellow ‘losers’ bring you back to reality.

Natalia – How do you feel about my current layout/template/thingy… ? and thank you again for all your kind words.

Jaime aka Fatchick- My sister by name! LOL – I know the feeling of being the only one in the house making a change. Currently I live with my mom who is a little overweight but doesn’t need to lose anything close to what I do, my skinny butt sister, and my growing girls so I am constantly surrounded by yummy, sometimes fattening, sometimes sugary, sometimes greasy yummies that I’m not allowed to touch and who EVERYONE seems to want to eat in front of me. Thankfully my mom understands the struggle and always asks me if I mind if she eats ________ in front of me. Kudos to you too for starting your weight loss journey. I am now following your blog as well.

Scarlet - I hadn’t even thought about the pizza. You’re a genius. I completely overlooked it and it just happens to have the most acidity of any of the foods I ate with all those tomatoes!! Thank you thank you! I now know what to avoid in order to keep the GERD at bay! Thank you also for the compliment. I definitely don’t feel beautiful now – I did then . . . but that’s what this journey is all about right? Finding our inner beauty and making it come outward by keeping ourselves healthy… right?? Yeah, still convincing myself too. LOL


Yes, that means this post is done. So why are you still reading. Is it because you still see words scrawling across the screen. Well, you know just because there are words on the screen doesn’t mean they are saying anything important. I mean look at the speeches by our . . . never mind. In any case, this post really is done now. So go . . . shoo . . . go exercise (if you haven’t). . . or eat something (if you need to). . . or read another blog (cuz you know you will!) Talk atcha soon MAH PEOPLE!

The Fat Chick


  1. You know since your calories are pretty restrictive as is I wouldn't worry about an occasional overage. On weight watchers we are given an allotment of extra points (based on calories fat and fiber) to use on special occasions or even just nights when we need a little extra wiggle room. Sometimes a little extra can even be good for weight loss. Don't beat yourself up! I think you made pretty good choices.

    You can get a wii fit plus from amazon.com. I have been afraid of the balance board as I am over 300lbs but eventually!

    And yeah the pizza was the most apparent culprit to me. Yummy, but ouch. Pizza is one of the only "off limit" foods I still really really crave.

    You are doing great (I'm sure I've said this before), so don't be afraid if every day isn't perfect. I'm still learning that one too.


    Btw, my name is Ruby. :)

  2. Yes the Olive Garden looks like a smart lunch, but the dressing they use is very oily,delicious, high calorie. I have no restraint once I start on it-ha ha.


  3. Don't shut your self down! You are an amazinly beautiful woman. Large or not. And yes sometimes it s VERY hard to look at pictures of ourselves. But it will be something for you to look back at and see how far you have come! I know the anxiety that comes with looking at picture. You can do this! We are all cheering for you!Blessed Be


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