Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No matter how I slice dice and splice it my calories came out just over 1300 today and I thought I went over 1500 calories. I even tried exaggerating my portion sizes on and the highest daily total I could get was almost 1400 and I was seriously bullshitting the numbers, making them super high.

So, I guess when it's not a birthday I seem to be able to do pretty okay with eating. Even when I think I've gone way over.

My day?

Banana Muffin - 140 cals
Coffee with creamer - 140 cals

Total - 280 cals


Lean Cuisine Southwestern Chicken Panini - 330 cals

Total - 330 cals


About 10-12oz of BBQd Tilapia - 286-300 cals
1 medium sized baked potato - 160 cals
Frozen Broccoli - about 30 cals
Light Mayo for broccoli - 50 cals
Salsa for potato - 20 cals tops
butter on fish - 40 cals

Total - Max 600 cals

Snack - 100 cal pack of chocolate covered pretzels - 100 cals

Total - 100 cals

Grand total: 1310


Man, was I full too. I couldn't have shoved more into my face if I'd tried.

Well, that is my check in. I'm gonna go Shred, or Wii. Not sure yet. Nuh Night blog world.

The Fat Chick <--- That name's gonna change as soon as I hit 200 lbs to The Chubby Chick and then when I hit coal, The Skinny Chick :)


  1. Thanks for following my weight loss journey. I'm following yours now too! I feel the same way sometimes. Every once in a while I don't get as hungry and have to force myself to eat enough calories in a day to lose weight. This morning, I wasn't too hungry, but I knew to eat breakfast. Good luck!

  2. Fish is great that way, less calories more protein to for your body to munch on. At least that is the way fish days seem to me. I do not count my calories, more like force myself to eat enough fruits and veggies every day and then lean meats and complex carbs that plus water makes it hard to go wrong for me...but I work out about 18 hours a week.

    I saw that you said you are right across the river. We should walk sometime either bring the munchkins or you can borrow my 17 yr old born and raised in her mommys daycare for 10 years for an hour and then we will go walk.

  3. Some days we go over in calories, some a little under! It's okay it shocks the body! [I think.. (: ]
    Cute, I like the Fat chick to Chubby chick to Skinny chick! :)


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