Saturday, January 9, 2010

Re: To Deserve a Baby or Not . . .

I received 3 very blatant responses to the previous thread and I will respond to them individually. If more responses pop up, I will answer those in a different post.

In response to Meghan :

First and foremost, though your blog was not the one that inspired my post it was the last one that I read out of about 7 this morning, and they all stated the same thing. I know what YOU are saying and how YOU feel and I know where YOU are coming from but regarding the other 6 blogs that reiterated the same sentiment, there were harsher more crass words spoken. More judgment and finger pointing involved. I was not offended by YOUR blog. You’re my friend and you should know better than that. I was however, offended by the others. More a certain few than the other few.

In response to Allyson

I completely agree with your response. Ignoring, abusing, abandoning and the much more horrific qualities some parents possess certainly make them ‘undeserving’ of being parents. But that does not mean that child doesn’t have an intended purpose in this world. S/he certainly does and sometimes only God knows what that purpose is, so while yes, those parents are ‘undeserving’ God has a reason for giving to some and not to others. Let me say here that I realize how easy it is for me (who has 2 children) to say that. That doesn’t negate the reality of its truth though.

In response to Squirrelgirl (whose blog I have chosen to redact because it is all about her baby who has nothing to do with this)

In my statement, “ . . . Man + Woman + Marriage = Baby” I added marriage because that is what is ideal. Of course there are situations where married couples are horrible parents, abuse, abandon, and even kill their children while single parents and non married couples are fantastic parents in every sense of the term. I’m glad you weren’t offended though. I didn’t post that to offend anyone. In fact I would be a hypocrite if I felt that way because I am the product of teenage wedlock.

Edited to include: I didn't express myself well earlier. I don't think EVERYONE deserves children. There are many for one reason or another who don't. What I was trying to convey in my first post was that a woman who cannot have children has no right to judge another who she thinks is 'less deserving than her'.

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  1. You are absolutely right...just because the parent may not deserve a child does not mean the child does not have a purpose in life.


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