Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strawberry Lumps - I'd Like to Give You a Lump or 2

When googling something for my blog I came across this forum on It initially sparked my interest, then had me laughing but quickly brought me through amusement into irritation and very quickly I became irate with these people.

Remember in my previous post I mentioned ignorant people. Well, even though technically some comments hold some validity, the way the comments are formed and the mere explicitness of others really digs deep under my skin. Here is what some people have to say about 'us American Fatties' in order of amusing to just plain ridiculous and infuriating.

"next up, bias protection for the ugly and/or obnoxious. Then maybe I'll be able to sue and retire early. Your honor, I was definitely the most qualified but I was doomed from the start by my ugly obnoxious parents."

"I believe skinny people are being discriminated against clothing wise. I bought a pair of jeans the other day and my size 29 costs the same as a size 36, and my small t-shirt costs the same as a xl. If the pants and shirts use less material it should cost less."

"what an economic incentive that would be....charging more for the plus sizes....Imagine how fast the pounds would drop if fat people had to pay more for their clothes than fit people...."

"Another slap in the face of free speech. You choose to be fat, then you choose to face criticism from whatever moron thinks your body is his problem. He'll come off looking like a bigger moron than you will. End of the day, there's nothing good about being fat. It's a very unhealthy way to live and people should be allowed to freely criticize it. Maybe we should set the law up to protect smokers from discrimination too. Just like setting up the law to protect from racial prejudice doesn't stop racism, doing the same for fat people won't help them. You can't force people to think differently through (police) scare tactics."

"Remember fat is normal now. The skinny people are becoming a minority and we need to fight back for our rights. If I hear one more time "you need to eat more" i'm going to push someone down the stairs. Skinny is great, except when fat people don't make room for you down the hallways at work or grocery shopping. Just wait till they impliment fat people toilets, we'll need to get a special ring to sit on."

"Obese people is a burden on society. They are more at risk for any form of illness, they cost society (that is you and me) more money because of their obesity. They live shorter, they use an unproportionally larger part of any health care system. Obese people are less productive and cost a company more money. Not to mention, they take up two seats on an airplane, but only pay for one. Most of them stink because of their bad hygiene, difficult to clean in between all the rolls of fat. They look disgusting."
^^^^^^^^^ ?!!?!?!?!??!WTF?!?!?!?!?!? ^^^^^^^^^^
The Fat Chick
(((shakes head in disgust)))


  1. Ironically the last post (as obviously ignorant and uneducated the poster was)makes a few sane arguments for some reasons why obesity SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THE SERIOUS DISEASE IT IS by society in general. Ofcourse the poster is trying to do just the opposite and condemn/make fun of those of us who "choose to be fat" but yah. Thats what happens when morons have keyboards, free speech and access to teh internets! LMAO....

  2. There is a lot of hate out there.


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