Monday, January 18, 2010

That All Too Familiar Burn

For the last 2 years and 7 months I have been experiencing heartburn. Why? It started in June of 2007 when I got pregnant for the first time. My body immediately knew something was different and my stomach began making more acid that decided to back up into my esophagus and mouth giving me GERD (Gastro esophogial reflux disease)also known as acid reflux. Anyway, I miscarried my baby in August but my body continued on making the extra acid regardless. Gee thanks, stupid body. Not bad enough I just lost my baby but you're going to burn the shit hell heck outta my esophagus and throat just to rub salt on the wounds. Thanks. Anyway, I found out on my 23rd birthday (exactly) that I was pregnant again with Buzzy and of course the acid kept on-a-comin'. I lived on ice cream, whole milk and whole chocolate milk to coat my throat and stomach to keep the acid down. It didn't help that already being overweight, I gained 72 lbs with Buzzy. Yes, I had been 280 lbs with the first pregnancy. This is me at 280:

Gained 20 out of mourning when the baby passed, was 300 when I became pregnant with Buzzy. This is me at 300lbs post baby: and gained 72 lbs to give me a grand high total (my highest weight ever) of 372 lbs. Here is a photo of my 9 months pregnant with Buzzy for your enjoyment. With that much weight and my stomach all shoved into my throat anyway, it was no wonder I had such bad acid reflux. Then I became pregnant with Breezely and OMG again with the acid reflux only 10,000 times worse. It was a nightmare. I had to take perscription drugs that didn't even work! Only ice cream and whole milk worked. This is me at 20 weeks (approximately 5 months with Breezely) I only gained 40lbs with her but you'd think I'd gained double with all the acid reflux goin on inside me. After Breezely my eating habits plummeted. After Buzzy I had tried to lose weight and had been motivated to do so. After Breezely I had no motivation for anything and after losing about 20lbs of the 40 gained began to eat like food was going extinct. Hence the reason I began this weight loss journey at 325.
The good news is that since eating well and exercising, I haven't had ANY GERD to speak of. None, zippo, zilch. Nada. Until tonight. Here is what I ate today (as before mentioned in my previous post)

A 2% milk no whip latte - 190 cals
Side Salad from McDonalds with non fat italian dressing - 80 cals
Margarita Pizza Lean Cuisine - 300 cals
1 bowl of minestrone soup - Less than 200 cals
2 slices of french bread - 300 cals (wow, wasted a lot of cals there)

I think it was the soup that caused the GERD. All those veggies at once alongside tomatoes. Note to self - no more homemade minestrone soup no matter how good it is for you, how fabulous it tastes or how few calories are in it. It makes you feel icky!!!

Okay, and on that note I just realized I have only eaten 1070 calories today. That's a little low, so I think even though I have my 8:00 rule I may go eat a 140 calorie skinny cow ice creamsandwich. I've been having a sweet craving anyway.

And that, dear readers, is all I got for now. I am gonna go put Buzzy in her bed (she fell asleep in mine) take a shower and um... sleep read more blogs. Talk atcha soon!

The Fat Chick


  1. I'm wondering what was on the pizza too because so many foods can cause heart burn. For me tomatoes are a certain culprit, but not all of the time. Mostly after pizza or some hearty pasta. You are doing such an amazing job, and you are already a better blogger than I am.

    Also: GOD but you are beautiful. :) Good photos! I am trying to get down to a reasonable weight before I try getting pregnant again. My highest weight was 417.8.

  2. My dear, you do not look 280, 300, whatever you are... you look like you're 160-something! And so pretty! :)

  3. They are right, you are naturally good looking! Your weight loss will be dramatic. Keep moving too.



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