Friday, January 1, 2010

The Buzz Attack - Is She Possessed?

I don't even know what provokes it. It all started with me saying no to the 'whole' box of crayons. I let her pick a select few and that is when it started. She wanted something else. Something that either I couldn't see or didn't exist. She couldn't say it or show me and so I took her hand to sit down with me to color and that's when the bombs started exploding. She screams bloody murder for seemingly no reason and it quickly escalates to high pitched growling with foot kicking, clawing with these wide crazed eyes like she's in pain or something has seriously scared her and then she cries so hard she starts choking and then sometimes . . . *just sometimes* . . . she cries so hard and then chokes so hard she vomits. It's unnerving and I can't do anything except wait it out. I've tried ignoring it, holding her, cradling her, rocking her, singing to her, yelling at her (which by the way I would NOT recommend...) distracting her, giving in to whatever it is that I think she wants but she just fights and screams and kicks and claws until her energy is depleted and then she usually falls asleep.

Is this normal?

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