Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Second Book Begins

My BIP is no longer a BIP. It is a FP - finished project. It now sits on my hard drive and on an external thumb drive just waiting for someone to want to read it.

Tonight I have started the second book in the trilogy. I am excited to get it out of my head and onto paper. It has been nearly a year, sizzling and bubbling in my brain and to have it finally come out on paper is such a weight off my shoulders head.

The manuscript for the first book still sits either in the agent's e-mailbox or on his desktop. I don't know if he's reading it, or if he has even started reading it yet. I am hoping to have an answer from him somewhere between 90-180 days. Thats 3-6 months from now, a normal wait time for full manuscripts. Truth me told, I really don't care how long he takes with it as long as it ends in a contract and publication.

This is such an emotionally exhausting process. I mean, I pour my heart and soul out into a story. My blood and tears and time are in that book. Then I write query letters. I've sent a ton and have gotten upwards of 30 something rejected. There are still more pending though. Then there is the excitement when someone asks for a partial (usually the first 3-5 chapters) and the letdown of them saying, 'it didn't grab me as quickly as I wanted it to' or 'it had just a bit too much fantasy for my taste'. But then there is the heart stopping, gut wrenching request for the full manuscript that has you dancing around the house, singing into your hairbrush like no tomorrow, only to have to wait an eternity to find out if the agent likes or doesn't like your book. Beyond that there is the contract, and then the wait for the agent to actually sell your work. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

But I'll live. It's an exciting roller coaster, if nothing else.

Prayers are welcome and much appreciated.

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  1. Arrived here via FuelMyBlog and must say I like your style of writing. Loved the description of 'singing into your hairbrush'. Who hasn't done that, even if my music is stuck in the 60's!

    Good luck with your writing, sure you'll get there.


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