Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday I was living on cloud 9. I had lost yet ANOTHER pound, I did a marathon (for my weight that is) and felt so good, and I finished up the day with a fabulous episode of White Collar with the extra 200 calories I had spoken of, taking my caloric intake for the day to 1481. Still 19 calories under my goal.

Now, I had said I was going to have popcorn but as I pondered making it, I realized that I couldn't. The sound of miniature explosions are not cohesive to a toddler and an infant sleeping in the very close vicinity. At least not if I wanted to keep them sleeping. So instead of the 240 calorie popcorn I chose to have 2 packs of the 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels. In case you are mathematically challenged like myself that's 200 calories and 40 less than the popcorn. So, my initial thought was, well good. This is better anyway. But it seemed from the moment I chose to have TWO packages that I knew it wasn't a good idea. Did that stop me from eating them anyways? No, no it didn't. And wouldn't you know that the sodium mixed with the time I ate them (around 10PM) would cause me to gain 2 pounds of water weight this morning?

Yep. I was totally bummed when I stepped on the scale and saw 304. UGH! My mom tried to make me feel better by suggesting that because of all the high intensity cardio I had done for the previous two days that I had built some muscle and that was the cause of the gain. I suppose it's possible but I truly think my late night salt/sugary snack was the culprit.

Tonight I was a good girl though. It's Wednesday so you know what that means! If you don't remember Wednesdays are 'eat at the grandfolks' nights. My grandpa made fish sticks and tater tots. Whoa! Can we say high in calories and FATTENING!? So I made myself a salad and ate one of my Lean Cuisines. ((sigh)) It wasn't as good as the fish sticks and tater tots looked and smelled but I got over that.

Now, I am completely irritated. I think I hurt my foot (the one with the fallen arches) by walking as much as I have been. I have been getting shooting pains from my arch, into my heal and up my ankle into my calf. Not excited by this. Not at all. I can't get injured. Injury is not conducive to exercise. No exercise = less weight loss. Less weight loss makes for a very UNHAPPY FAT CHICK!

On a different note, today Breezely is 6 months old. My baby is getting so big. We had a WIC appointment and she weighed 21lbs (HOLY HELL SHIT HEAVY BABY. But she makes up for it in length. She's 27 inches. Buzzy is going to be 20 months in 6 days and is only 34 inches. I'm sensing a discrepancy. LOL

Tomorrow I am going to play BUNCO. It will be my first time in a non-family environment where 'goodies' are readily available that I will have to use my new common sense and willpower to either avoid or eat in good quantity. PRAY FOR ME!

The Fat Chick

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  1. Good luck at Bunco, I love getting together with some ladies and playing. I just have to try to stay away from the rum punch. Last time we had a Bunco party, I had 4 16oz glasses of it...didn't taste like alcohol, it tasted like sparkling berry punch, lol. Little did I know there were 1 and a half bottles of rum and some fruit and fruit juice in it. I made up for the crazy alcohol intake by eating a ton of strawberries and low-fat vanilla yogurt for snacks. I'll pray for you though :D


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