Sunday, February 28, 2010



My best laid plans (as is Murphy's Law) do not always turn out how I want or expect them to. My plans this time, were to start exercising today (yesterday really, but that didn't happen) and again today it didn't happen for the same reason. Breezely on one hand is getting better. She is coughing less and less and she isn't wheezing anymore and she's only a little gurgly every now and then. Buzzy on the other hand hasn't eaten barely ANYTHING in almost 5 days now. She vomits all the medicine I give her for her ear infection and when she isn't vomiting that up, she is either coughing so hard she cries, or crying so hard she coughs and THEN vomits. Needless to say, it isn't a good idea to take her outside in the rain/ick/yuck weather and with all my running about trying to keep both girls content, happy and comfortable I don't have time to really do any formal exercise inside either. Although I DO do about 50-75 jumping jacks every day and I try to get my 'butt walks' in, even if they're just for a few minutes in between naps and tantrums and coughing and vomiting and diaper changing and meal making and laundry doing. But I have to say it, 'MAMA'S TIRED!'


I was under the impression that as a general rule a heavy person stays warmer than a thin person and gets hotter faster because not only do they have the extra body mass to keep them warm but when doing physical activity it takes extra effort for the heart to pump blood to all that mass exerting more energy etc etc etc. Yada yada. Apparently, though, I don't fall in this category. It appears to be that the more weight I lose, the warmer my resting body temperature is and the quicker I am to warm up and then sweat when doing physical activity. What the Heck?!?! I am almost reminded of my pregnancies where everyone in the room was comfortable, bordering on cool and there I was, dressed in as little as was decent, not moving even an inch and sweating like a friggin faucet was shoved up my butt and attached to all my pores. I don't get it. Is it me? Is it the weight loss? Does it have anything to do with my weight at all or is it just my body chemistry? Cuz let me tell you, regardless of how fat or how thin I am, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE TO BE HOT. I HATE TO SWEAT. I HATE IT!! I endure it during exercise because it is expected but when I am sitting on my bed folding clothes I resent every pore in my body that feels THIS is the time to perspire. This is the time I'll get this random 'hot flash'. And yes, that is exactly what it feels like. A FRIGGIN HOT FLASH! I feel like saying to my body, 'hello, you're not pregnant anymore and you're only 25! Long ways off from menopause so just knock this shit off already!' Then again if I actually had this conversation with my body I think I'd have bigger problems to be worried about than my body temperature (ie mental state?)

Anyway, so my plan for tonight was to blog, write a chapter or so in my novel, maybe play a computer game and hit the pillow. It took one hell of a long time a lot longer than expected to get Buzzy asleep so the chapter writing is out, the game playing is out and so I am almost finished blogging and my pillow is calling sweet come hither whispers to me. I hear you pillow and you can bet your soft feathery wonderfulness that I am looking very forward to our date.

K, I've officially lost it.


The Fat Chick


  1. I hate sweating too, ick. It's part of the reason I dislike exercise. I hope you babies feel better soon :)

    I gave you an award on my blog too :D

  2. I hate sweating too, but I'm learning to appreciate as part of a "good" workout. Very thankful for those moisture-wicking fabrics though.

    Hope your little ones get better soon! :-)

  3. I hope the kids feel better soon, and that you get some sanity back!

  4. Moms have it tough, you get to share every problem the kids have and live your own life too. Keep up the great job on your body reshaping!


  5. I want to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job!! There are times for me that it all seems too much - being a mom, partner, and friend. On top of that, add in sick kids and I just want to throw in the towel! You totally give me hope!

    As far as the hot flashes go -- alot of it can depend on where your at in your cycle. Towards the end of your cycle, your progesterone is higher. Progesterone is a heat inducing hormone - and the hormone that induces ovulation. I know when Im at the end of my cycle - Im always hotter and break in to a sweat easier.

  6. I when I work out I do not sweat!

  7. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  8. Hi I just found your blog, and I love it:)


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