Monday, February 1, 2010


I need to introduce to you a wonderful woman, fellow blogger, writer and mother Miss Carmen Rios. Carmen is launching her new business, the Pink Pixie Princess Pregnancy Prevention Program for adolescents and young adults. I think the name speaks for itself and I believe it is a very worthy cause for personal and generally obvious reasons. Please see her blog for information and/or to find her contact information.

ALSO, Carmen texted me this evening with the most interesting of text. Remember the little contest going on here with the photos. The ones you would try to figure out why they were significant to me. If you go to the keyword 'Random' or just click on that link, it will bring up the various photos I posted.

Carmen texted me with the CORRECT answer to the very dear to me, heartfelt significance of these pictures. Can you? As promised (if she so chooses) I will write a blog post (on her blog of choice - either this one or The Fat Chick Weigh) on a topic of her choice. ANYTHING she wants. (within reason and decency of course)

And I will do it for you too. IF you can guess the answer. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Nothin' to lose and it's not really that hard . . . Or is it? Just somethin' fun (a mind puzzle per say) to take up any spare time you may not know how to fill.

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  1. I am honored and touched by your post today. I am excited to be moving forward with my new business in order to lower adolescent and young adult unplanned pregnancies. Thank you for your support and friendship. You are a true inspiration and I am proud to call you my friend, fellow mom, blogger, writer and chubby chick! Best of luck on your continued efforts for weight loss and getting your book published!


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