Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This was the title of an e-mail I received today.

The body of the e-mail in not so few words told me I was fat, lazy, hypocrite who preaches healthy eating and exercise but sits around on my fat ass blogging 24/7.

When I clicked reply and responded to it, I found that the e-mail address had been deleted.

Now, I don't know about most of my readers but I don't consider running after a feisty 20 month old from 8AM-8PM, dealing with an ever growing and teething 6 month old when I'm not running around and even sometimes when I am, making breakfast lunch and dinner for everyone, cleaning the house, re-cleaning the house the zillion times it is messed up by aforementioned 20 month old, changing dirty diapers, doing all the dishes, doing all the laundry (which is never ending) and doing it ALL BY MYSELF lazy. Maybe it is, but if that's so I think Webster needs the heads up. In addition, if sitting down once my children are asleep to blog for about an hour or two consists of sitting on my fat ass all day, then smite me because dear lord I'm guilty!!

I truly don't understand people's needs to berate, belittle and harass people on the internet that they don't even know. Are we in high school again? Oh wait, not even in high school were any of my peers so immature and shady. At least anyone who had shit to say to me, said it to my face. Then on top of that YOU go all CHICKEN SHIT on me and won't even allow me to respond to your idiocy in e-mail. Instead you force me to expose your blatant stupidity here on my blog. Fortunately, I am not easily fazed by people like YOU. I have dealt with imbeciles who feel better because they call me names or insult me all my life and believe me I have been called a whole hell of a lot worse by better people than you so don't think you went and ruined my day. In fact you gave me a pretty awesome post topic. So thanks!!

On another note, thanks to all you fabulous readers who provide good advice/support/comments. I truly appreciate you all.

And to proceed ALL OF THAT, I must admit I did not do so good today eating. At least I don't think I did. I'm going to count up all my calories here and you, my readers will see firsthand my failure (if it is in fact a failure . . . which I am sure it is - at least for the day) So here it is. Today's food log:



Tinga which consists of:
1 boiled chicken breast - 222 cals
2 tomatoes - 66 cals
1/2 red onion - 24
5 TBSP chipotle chiles in adobo sauce
Lettuce - 19
Queso Fresco - 160
Crema - 300
Refried beans - 240
Tostada shells - 480



OMG! LOL I have to laugh or I'll cry.

You may be wondering WHAT THE HELL POSSESSED ME TO EAT ALL THAT FOR DINNER. Well, honest to God truth. I don't know 100% sure that my numbers are right. I estimated high because I don't know exactly how much I ate.

You see, Tinga is a Mexican dish that combines boiled and shredded chicken with red onions tomatoes and chipotle chiles. This in and of itself isn't so high in calories. However, they then take a flat tostada shell, lather it in refried beans, add the Tinga to the top then cover that in lettuce, queso fresco (cheese) and crema (Mexican sour cream).

My family requested this for dinner tonight and so I obliged. I THOUGHT I would eat LESS by instead of making individual tostadas by putting a pile of the stuff on my plate and eating it that way. WRONG! I normally could eat approximately 3-4 correctly made tostadas. I think I ate the equivalent of like 6. But again, I'm not sure. Everything was estimated. So now that I have confessed this, tomorrow is back on plan. Back to the grind.

Oh and this morning (of all mornings) I broke the 298 barrier and went down to 297. Yeah, I'm thinking after tonight that won't be what the scale says tomorrow. In any case, I'm off to do some much needed Wii-ing. Much Love.

The Fat Chick


  1. Wow, that dinner sounds YUMMY! I want the recipe... lol. Looks like something I'd have fun playing with to see how low I could get the calories & keep it tasting good. :)

  2. Wow...I'm impressed with the lighthearted tone of this post. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but hopefully I'm not, because I'm seriously impressed. I want to be more like you- seriously. The fact that you blew off that email and then just bounced back after dinner...makes me wonder why I take things so personally and so hard all the time. Kudos to you girl! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, seriously; you deserve a break! ;)

  3. Well done for not letting an email that wasn't even worth opening ruin you day. :o)

  4. sounds yummy its ok start agian tomorrow
    we all over do it sometimes

    i cant believe somone did that you
    you dont deserve it

    no mommy is lazy

    keep your chin up
    we are here for ya!!!!

  5. Today is a new day:) and screw that ass hat! Doesn't even have enough balls to have a real email address! Chicken willy. Probally some nasty dork still crying cause his mommy didn't love him! your doing great! And congrads on the breaking the barrier! blessed be

  6. Come to my blog. I have something for you. :)

  7. I don't really have anything to say, because you said it all. Good for you. You're pretty awesome. :-)

  8. umm i want some angel food cake w/ strawberries! YUMMMMMY! :)

  9. Hey,
    I discovered your blog the other day and haven't commented until now, but now I just HAD to comment. Please pay NO attention to the horrid person who sent you that email. They are probably either a) jealous because they haven't got the courage to change themselves the way you are, or b) they want to upset you and see you fail.
    You are truly truly inspirational, not only because you have made the very courgaeous decision to face up to your weight and do something about it, but because you do that while constantly remaining positive and sunny, AND being a mummy to 2 tiny little girls AND dealing with a relationship break-up.
    If I was giving out medals for courage and general amazing-ness, you'd be first on my list!
    Beth x (PS. Sorry for the essay!)

  10. I'm sorry you had that awful email experience.

  11. You can disregard the asshole who sent that hateful email. You know it's really working, so that's all you need.

    Good work!


  12. Anyone who thinks a mom doesn't work hasn't been a mom before. I only have one son and it was a full time job when he was your babies ages. Don't let the crazies out there bother you. There are some people who apparently don't have anything else to consume their time and energy except spreading hateful, hurtful lies. Thank goodness for the delete button!

    You are doing a great job!!!

  13. You are amazing! You are taking control of your life and raising 2 little girls. The phantom emailer is a coward! He/she could have at least left a name if not email. Pay no mind to the ignorant. Know that you are fantastic and the phantom emailer is the icky stuff in an unwashed belly button;)

  14. Hi, just discovered your blog. Honestly, doesn't THAT PERSON have better things to do with their time then send mean-spirited anonymous e-mails?

  15. WOW! I've been accused of this...but not the same exact thing, similar though. That I blog 24/7 and my blog readers are my "entourage" that dictate how I run my life. Bastar* ops. Sorry. Anyway, don't sweat it. People can be idiots. At least yours was from an anonymous person(from what I gather here) mine was from my husband lol

    I have another blog that I write about my life-I've been having it for a while. Anyway, I am so glad to have found your blog! I have to say it again-or just say it if I haven't already. I am so proud of you and so inspired!


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