Friday, February 26, 2010


I lost one pound and I ... couln't ... be ... more ... relieved. I was so worried after last night's tacos 'al pastor' that I made that I would have gained weight from all the sodium. This is what they looked like and yummmm!

Speaking of Mexican food, it is so strange. I lived there for 6 months, ate every-friggin-thing and lost close to 40lbs. The thing is that everything there is 100% natural, farm grown, freshly cultivated, freshly killed with no preservatives, no chemicals and no additives. It's no wonder the majority of Mexicans (in Mexico) are thin. Unfortunately, it is a rare thing to find here where our animals are fed preservatives as well with fillers and the like to plump them up for inexpensively. Here we have to answer to the FDA (and while, yes, I appreciate the effort) sometimes I wonder if they actually do us any good at all. They're killing us with unnatural chemical additives to make sure our food is 'sanitary', 'safe', 'edible'. Now, truly, this post is not about complaining about our food here in the States. I love my home, am DAMN PROUD to be an American and wouldn't give that up for anything or all the natural food in the world. BUT, I do wonder if half the obese population wouldn't be obese if our food supply was as fresh and 'natural' as that of the food in Mexico. Would we have less kinds of cancers? Less disease? In Mexico I heard of people dying of 3 things. Diabetes (they do eat a friggin' buttload of sugar there), under educated doctor's treatments gone awry and old age. There was no talk of all these strange diseases/cancers/syndromes etc that we have here in the states and whether that is food related or not, I have no idea. But it is something to ponder.

On another note, as soon as my girls are over their brochialitis and ear infections (because, yes, now Buzzy has an ear infection) I am going to really get down and dirty about exercising every day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I want to walk at least 3 miles but I'm aiming at 5. Tuesday and Thursday I will simply do my jumping jacks and 'butt walking' at home and then on saturday and sunday I guess the plans are up in the air depending on what everyone's plans are around me. But I'll be doing sumpin sumpin! Even if it's just Wii-ing.

Now, I am off to dream. So tired. Sick toddler and infant make me so tired. Night world.

The Fat Chick


  1. Yay! So glad you had a loss for the week! Hope the little ones get better soon. :-)

  2. My friend said today, "we are literally embalming ourselves with preservatives". I thought that was interesting and sick at the same time. Interesting, huh...

  3. 5 miles of brisk walking a day will speed your weight loss and your mental state will be elevated as well.


  4. Definitely agree with Diz - I think the chemicals are causing all of these horrible things happening to our bodies. My girlfriend always points out how girls are developing so early compared to when we were kids because of all the growth hormones fed to the animals we eat...

  5. Couldn't agree more guys! Im reading Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels right now. Most of the book is about chemicals, fillers, pesticides and artificial growth hormones - how they affect our bodies, our health and weight. Its a great book if your wanting more info on that subject.

  6. Don't get me started on Mexico. I LOVE me some Mexico and the food there. Everything's so fresh and its smallest taco stand on the most desolate road tastes so much better than most American Mexican restaurants. Oh, and the Coke, with real sugar, not that corn syrup crap; and the one thing in Mexico you can't find here the coconuts! They fill a coconut with shrimp (octopus, if you like that) cucumbers, lime and chile. I think I'm salivating and yearning to go back...


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