Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First off let me just say . . .


I have a fallen arch (thanks to the tons of the relaxin hormone that 2 years worth of pregnancy causes) so whenever I attempt to do any kind of exercise for any prolonged amount of time, my feet KILL!! The one for obvious reasons. Hello, its arch has FALLEN. The other one because I think I tend to put more weight on it in a subconscious effort to try to abuse the FALLEN arch as little as possible.

Okay, with that out of the way, I have to say that I am pretty dang darn proud of myself today. Why you ask? Well, let's see. In terms of calories consumed, I ate 1281calories. I may add a couple hundred more by eating some popcorn during ...

So, assuming for the day I have consumed 1481 calories that puts me under my 15o0 goal. YAY!

Now for the better news. Yesterday I worked out twice. Today I did also but today I did more. Today I worked out for a total of 105 minutes, going a total of 10,084 steps and 7.84 miles. My pedometer estimates that I burned approximately 1000 calories. Sparkpeople estimates about 1200 calories. REGARDLESS, WOOOHOOO!!

One last tidbit of fun news. I had another unofficial weigh in today. I was positive after all the exercise I had done yesterday that my body would be freaking out and would have either kept me the same or pumped me up a couple pounds. But wouldn't you know it, when I squinted down at the numbers they said, 302!! That's one pound for the last 3 days!! If I continue on this road I COULD POTENTIALLY BE AT 299 BY FRIDAY! WOOT WOOT!! But I'm remaining realistic and we'll see.

Nothin' more to report except my mom started the Larry North Great North American Slim Down diet today. She's been a bit crabby without her morning Starbucks Venti Coffee Frap extra whip. But things will get better. Prayers that she is able to cope, and not suffer through too much withdrawal would be fabulous.

And I'm out.

The Fat Chick


  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!! It's great to learn that someone out there is reading it. lol...

    You and I have very similar goals for 2010. You are kicking some mega ass though! WTG!!!!! Keep up the good work and congrats on your accomplishments so far. I'll be following you from now on...that you can be sure of!

  2. Do you have medical insurance? If you see your doc he may prescribe a visit with a podiatrist who can give you inserts made for you. That way you do not risk injury as much.

  3. Congrats on the loss and being under your goal calorie intake! I forgot to reply last time, but I'd love to get that salsa recipe you had :)

    And White Collar...I'm really liking that show. I ended up going to bed at like 5pm and slept through it, but I'm sure they'll reshow it sometime this week, lol.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you to get below 300 this week! Good luck, I know you can do it!!!

  4. Holy crap woman! Way to kick workout arse!


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