Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I don't get it. Okay, I DO get it, sorta but I need it explained to me.

I weighed myself this morning and was at 299. Since Friday's weigh in of 298 my weights has fluctuated daily from there to 299 back to 298 once up to 300 and back down to 299. WT-FRICKIN-F? I know what I am doing differently but is that truly the culprit of the plateau? I didn't expect a plateau so soon! Normally, I at least see a point.something weight loss, but not now. Not this week. Oh no. So here is what I have been doing differently.

You see, since my mom and grandma have been gone to California, my girls and my sister and I have been eating most of our dinners with my grandpa. Mind you he cooks very healthy foods. For example: Last night I had a veggie burger, 1/4 cup rice pilaf, some green beans and a few tortellini pastas (maybe a total of 400 cals) I have NOT been eating my lean cuisine meals at all since they left. But I make sure my lunches are under 400 cals also and my breakfast never ever ever exceeds 400 cals. In fact it rarely exceeds 300 cals. Then I have 1-2 100 cal snacks and I'm plateauing? WT-FRICKIN-F?

I've been Wii-ing like it's going to disappear the next day and I've been doing jumping jacks/island push-ups/and squats so what gives?!?!

I'm truly scared this week for Friday's weigh in that I will not see a loss. I am scared to see I have stayed the same or even worse GAINED? My scale is just that fucked up goofy!

So give me your advice people. Tell me what you see that I am not seeing. Tell me something I don't already know. Please, cuz I'm going batshit crazy nuts here.

I wonder what tomorrow's weight will say (because yes I am a weigh-myself-daily-a-holic) Today I literally could not force myself to consume more than 1010 calories. But I also started eating my Lean Cuisines again. Coincidence? I don't get it.

Thanks in advance.

Edited to add (due to the common comment left) - The sodium in Lean Cuisine meals is actually substantially lower than for example Weight Watcher endorsed Smart Ones and a whole buttload ton less in sodium then what my grandparents cook.

The Fat Chick


  1. Your weight can fluctuate depending on your hydration stress levels etc....

    I know I m putting in 17 hours of exercise a week and eating around 1600-1900 calories a day and I only weigh every two weeks. the last two week period I only lost 1 lb. I do not consider this a plateau. I think if you go a month or so without loosing THAT would be a plateau and I have done it for up to 3 months at a time. Trust the process, be careful about your intake and keep doing the work...it will show eventually.

  2. Sodium causes you to retain weight too...so be careful with those lean cuisines...My WW leader told us once that the biggest way to get away from a plateau is to change the things you eat. We eat the same things over and over because we think, "it's helped me lose weight in the past", but our bodies adjust and become more "efficient" at maintaining on a certain amount of calories, so you'll want to switch it up every once in a while. Also, don't beat yourself up over a few days. I know the feeling though, I do this every day as well. It sucks. I don't recommend it, yet I am addicted to it as well and can't stop either. Good luck!

  3. Weight can fluctuate so much day to day - for so many reasons - all of these small variations over the past few days are very normal. Don't think there's any reason to stress yet...

    I'm not sure how much difference the meals make (your grandpa's cooking vs. lean cuisines), as long as your calories/fat are consistent. If anything, I would almost think the home cooked meals might serve you better; the Lean Cuisine's actually have a bit more sodium in them than you'd expect from a "healthy" meal option.

    Maybe look at your activity level - sustained cardio will burn the fat/calories better than anything. Didn't notice any of that mentioned in the post.... so just a thought. I know when I first started that I was doing primarily the Wii and calesthinics (sp?), which worked for a few weeks, then I had to add other things to it in order to continue losing.

    Keep at it... you'll get there! :)

  4. Don't panic! This is perfectly normal and one of the reasons why 'experts' (i.e. people who are not desperately trying to lose weight themselves!) advise weighing a maximum of once a week at the same time, wearing the same clothes.

    Speaking from personal experience, I can gain 5lbs overnight and lose it again by the next day. No explanation for it - it's just something my body does occasionally. And that's not taking into consideration the fluctuations associated with my period!

  5. Stop weighing yourself everyday. It will drive you mad. Drink more water to flush your system of any excess salt. Maybe add a 20 minute walk around or outside your home. I find that walking shakes out the heebie-jeebies that can cause us to keep those extra pounds. Best of luck!


  6. Dear weight can fluctuate even in the day. Dont be so hard on your self. I don't weigh myself everyday. It makes me panic on so many levels. I know your doing great! have faith in yourself!

  7. Eliminate salt and salty foods, it'll make you lose more than ten pounds real fast! And it'll be good for you in lots of other ways. Be brave, do it.


  8. my weight fluctuates all day by at least 4 pounds weigh in the same time everyday
    that usually helps me
    dont get discouraged

  9. Okay.. so I don't know much about the paperwork and facts about this, but I will say this.. even at a plateau (if that's what's really going on here) just push through it until you get to the end of it! Your hard work WILL pay off! And even if the scale doesn't show it for a week or two, you'll build strength and endurance and all that good stuff! :) GO GO GO!

  10. Ugh! It's so freakin' frustrating, isn't it!!!??

    The best advice someone gave to me that really works (though I'm guilty of not doing it a lot) is eat "clean." Cut out the processed crap and go for whole foods. No 100 calorie packs of chemicals. No premixed frozen dinners.

    I tried it for a few days and it did break the plateau. But I'm not very good at sticking to it. :)

    Also, if you've been doing a lot of strength training (and especially if you are sore) your scale will say ugly things to you but it's only temporary. Give your body a chance to catch up. Sore muscle hold more fluid. It's their way of protecting you. Just let it do it's thing and don't be too angry with it.

    Hang in there! :) And you may even consider covering your scale with a towel or something during the week so you're not tempted to step on it each time you walk past. I had to put an "out of order" sign on mine once because I was bordering on obsessive with it. LOL

  11. I saw on Dr. Oz that when you can show weight gain if you are working out because you are tearing your muscles so as they repair themselves they are holding onto fluid. So dont worry it will come off remember its not a race, its a journey so just keep plugging along and you will get there.

  12. I'm sure my weight fluctuates like yours too. That's why I only weigh myself once a week at the same time without anything in my tummy. Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough fiber? Those two things have helped me. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck!


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