Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think I am going to name my scale Murphy. Why you ask? Because it is Murphy's Law that 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong' as is true most often when it comes to my scale.

Except for today. Today Murphy's little law didn't apply. Today Murphy loved me.

Remember yesterday's post about eating a shitbutt load of calories for dinner? Remember my last musings that even though I had finally broken the 298 barrier and hit 297 that today Murphy would surely say I'd gained back a couple pounds? Well, Murphy was very affectionate this morning. He (because, yes, I believe my scale is a he) seduced me from my bedroom, singing his sweet come hither song that only I can hear and when I cringed as I stood upon him (sounds wrong) holding my breath 'sucking it in' and peered down at his white and gray face he smiled sweetly and the number he whispered back at me was still 297!! Holy hell! How is that possible?!?! Forget that!! Who cares how it's possible?? Murphy doesn't lie and has proven that on trillions of occasions in my life.

Now, the question is what will he say tomorrow at Friday's Weigh in? Will he still whisper sweet nothings of shrinking fat, building lean muscle and dropping numbers in my ear or will his sweet demeanor change into a red horned devil with a pitchfork threatening to stab my gelatinous fat because the numbers weren't good enough this week? Paint's a picture huh? ((shivers))

In any case, I did really well today. Here is today's food log.

Breakfast - Coffee w/ cream + muffin = 210 cals

Lunch - Lean cuisine pesto chicken panini + 1 whole grape fruit + 100 cal pack of choco covered pretzels = 536 cals

Dinner - My specialty salad including lettuce, crumbled tortilla chips, 2 TBSP ranch, 1/3 cup salsa, 3 slices of cut up ham, sliced cucumber and shredded carrots = 520 cals

Dessert - Skinny cow ice cream sandwich - 140 cals

For a grand total of -1,476 cals today


I also walked approximately 4 miles today (even though my foot was KILLING ME)

Speaking of my foot. I don't know if I have mentioned this here before or not (I'm sure I have at one time or another) but my arch has fallen in my right foot and I think my left one is on it's way in that direction too. The right one was due to the increased amounts of the hormone relaxin due to 2 years worth of 3 pregnancies. (Try to wrap your mind around that one, LOL) Anyhoo, I can barely do anything without it feeling as though I have daggers in my feet. If I am off of them for too long it takes at least 1/2 hour before the pain subsides once I put pressure on them. If I stand on them for too long, oh dear lord the pain is unexplainable in either of the two languages that I know. So, needless to say further, the pain tolerance has finally disappeared and tomorrow I am going to have my feet checked out. Bad feet are almost hereditary in my family (I say almost because I don't know if that is medically possible) but in any case I just hope the Dr. can prescribe something for me like medicine or therapy or something and not surgery. My mom who has similar problems only on a much more severe scale was told the only solution was surgery. YIKES!! But I can't live like this. Not with two little ones so it needs to be fixed. Prayers and/or well wishes are much appreciated depending on your beliefs. Thank you!

One last thing. All the comments, e-mails and texts I received after that crappy e-mail I got yesterday really made me feel, well, elated and loved and really really grateful for you who support me. You have no idea how overwhelmed I was with the outpouring of encouragement. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

The Fat Chick


  1. ACUPUNCTURE! Your arch falling is fascitis (I believe, right?) which means the muscles which help to hold your arch up are stretched/not working. Acupuncture stimulates them to contract again pulling your arch back into place. It's very successful and a lot of insurance companies cover acupuncture now! I'm an acupuncture student, I believe so much in it that I'm dedicating my life to it....if that helps to persuade you at all! Good luck and let me know if you give it a shot...lame pun...haha :)


  2. Ouch! Foot pain is right up there with back pain on the scale of things I don't cope with well. I will pray for you and the doctor to have a non-surgical solution.

    Good luck at the weigh in tomorrow! :-)

  3. Good luck! Massage helps too- take it from a massage therapist. :) Maybe you should do acupuncture and massage! YESSSSSS sounds like my kind of solution


  4. With that low of a calorie intake and an hour a day of continuous brisk walking, you'll lose every pound of fat. Every pound!


  5. Good luck at your weigh-in and good luck with Murphy!


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