Monday, February 1, 2010


While I would like to keep the façade that I am SUPERWOMAN going, I have to tell you all. I’m no superwoman. I have received comments and e-mails recently asking me or telling me in no particular order:

How do you keep such a positive attitude?

Even when you say you’re down you seem up.

How do you have time to exercise?

How do you eat well, when others who live with you aren’t?

Do your girls eat what you eat or do you cook for them separately?

Not only do you exercise but you have time to shower . . . talented.

In your before photos I can believe you are the weight you are, but in other photos you look half your weight. What gives?

These are just a few of the questions/comments I have gotten. So, let me set the record straight.
I by no means am always in a good mood. I have my emotional roller coasters just like everyone else. I get angry and vocal and sometimes (regretfully) my family gets the brunt of it. I try not to bring it here.

I have time to exercise because I MAKE TIME to exercise. I will be the first one to stand up and say that having a 20 month old and a 6 month old makes very little time for anything other than diapers/food/diapers/play/diapers/tantrums etc. But when they nap I exercise. Or if I know they will be tired by a certain time I will stick them in their stroller and they’ll konk out while I walk. Sometimes I DON’T get any exercise in until they go to bed between 8PM and 9PM. Sometimes I don’t get ANY exercise in at all. It’s a crap shoot but I TRY MY HARDEST TO FIND TIME.

I honestly don’t have an inspirational answer to the question about eating well when others around me aren’t. To be truthful and on the verge of annoying, I just don’t feel tempted (USUALLY). I find that foods that interested me before just don’t now. Other than the Chinese fried rice my sister had, of course. Fast food doesn’t sound good, restaurant food doesn’t sound good and stuff in the pantry like chips/cookies/etc. just don’t sound good. I suppose I have arrived at the point where my health truly is more important to me than that order of French fries or that carton of ice cream. ((shrugs)) It’s a God Thing. He has allowed me to come this far.

As for my girls, Breezely is only 6 months old and just started solids so she eats her rice cereal and pureed baby foods like a good girl. Buzzy on the other hand eats a mish mosh of everything. I generally make her something she likes, and do not subject her to my ‘diet foods’.

For example:

For breakfast I’ll have a low fat muffin with coffee

Buzzy will have a bowl of chex w/ milk and banana

For Lunch I will have a Lean Cuisine

If Buzzy so chooses to share it with me, fine but generally she likes her cut up turkey, cheese,
sliced cherry tomatoes and chopped cucumber

For dinner I will have another Lean Cuisine

Again, Buzzy is welcome to whatever she likes of it but generally she will eat whatever my mom has made for herself and my sister which can be as unhealthy as McDonalds or as healthy as baked chicken breast, rice and green beans.

Showering is an activity that most people take for granted. No really. I’m not kidding. If you’re a mom you understand this. For people who are not parents you decide WHEN YOU WANT to shower, HOW LONG YOU WANT to shower for, whether you wash your hair or just your body, etc. For moms, the process is not so simple. For moms (I speak for myself, anyway) you make sure your babies are asleep first so you can try to enjoy your shower and if not enjoy it, than at least have time to wash all pertinent parts. Then, you THINK you hear someone fussing or another whimpering so you peak out, dripping all over the floor. They’re fine. You’re just hearing things. So you lather up your body. Oh the soap smells so good after a day of pee/poop/baby vomit/baby food/more baby vomit/dirt/and the hardboiled egg your toddler decided to chuck at you. More whimpering/fussing is thought to be heard so once again you peak out, dripping water all over the floor. No one is moving. All is well. So now it’s time to lather your head. Wouldn’t you know it, that just as you stick your soapy sudsy head under the faucet to rinse you SWEAR you hear your babies but each time they’re fine so you go about your business rinsing. Then the nightmare occurs. As you stand naked in the shower, drenched (because who doesn’t get drenched in a shower?) soapy sudsy hair and you hear the pitter patter of feet and suddenly the fussing you thought was only in your head becomes all too real.

“Mama, Breezy cryin,” Buzzy moans dragging her blankie through the water that I dripped on the floor in my attempts to make sure my girls were asleep.

“Okay baby, go back to bed. Mama will be there in 2 seconds.”

A moment of silence as I try desperately to rinse the soap from my hair, analyzing just how quickly I can dry off and get into the bedroom to quiet my infant so my toddler can sleep.

“Mama,” Comes Buzzy’s voice as I’m finishing washing out the suds.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Hode you,” Her voice is on the brink of sobbing.

How am I supposed to hold you, sopping wet??? Is what I think.

“I’ll hold you in just a minute,” I say instead and jump out of the shower, barely dry off, pull on my pajamas so quickly that they stick to my skin and with my hair dripping ever so irritatingly down my back, I go in to calm the girls and get them back to sleep.
Yes, this is pretty much the norm for me.

UNLESS!!! My mom is home. Then when the girls are asleep, she watches them while I take a wonderful leisurely shower with NO . . . yeah you heard me . . . NO INTERRUPTIONS.

As for the photos, I find that pictures I take of myself come out good and make me look thinner than I am. Lighting? Positioning? Not sure. Pictures that others take of me seem to show my true weight.

Check out this picture of me taken not ten minutes ago. Other than the fact that it’s dark and the only light is the illumination of the computer, can you see it?

No it isn’t an illusion!!! I HAVE COLLAR BONES!!! lol

The Fat Chick


  1. You look good! And I'm glad that you're able to get some rest SOMETIMES!

  2. I so feel you on the shower thing! When I was working out in the a.m. and my hubby was long gone for work at 4 am, I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to be worked out, showered, and prettied up for work before the kids woke up...many a time have they interrupted one of the above activities! You made me smile with that one!

  3. Making time to exercise is one way to be successful at weight loss. Keep up the great job!


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