Wednesday, February 10, 2010



While I was experiencing one of the most gruelling shopping trip to the grocery store I have ever suffered through with Buzzy screaming for me to hold her and my right bicep screaming at me because Breezely isn't content sitting beside her screaming sister, I came upon Oikos Greek yogurt. I didn't know that my local market carried it. I have read on many weight loss blogs that people eat it and it is so much better than regular yogurt. Needless to say, I bought some but have not as of yet tried it.

Any ideas on the best way to eat it, low cal-ified of course? I've read of people eating it with frozen fruit, cereal and in savory dishes among other interesting combos. Do you have any suggestions?

I made a really yummy low cal pita sammich (yes I say sammich - lol) today. It was one piece of thinly sliced ham, avocado, 1TBSP ranch dressing, and shredded lettuce. So good an approximately 400 cals. Not bad for a satisfying and filling lunch.

And because diet coke is my personal addiction, I decided to change things up and get diet cherry dr. pepper instead.

My calorie count up till now is 856, so dinner will need to be small. As Secretia has been reiterating at me, I need to step it up in the exercise department. I'm just not feeling it though. I don't have any real excuses. I could say I'm too busy or too tired or that my feet are too painful or what have you but the truth is that come my free time when the girls are napping and/or sleeping at night and I just want to sit down and rest.

Anybody got some motivational, inspirational or wake-up words for me? LOL I need em right about now.

Update on my grandpa:
He is no longer waking up. He just isn't responding anymore. His breathing is super labored and from experience with other losses, it is assumed that he will go to be with the Lord tonight or tomorrow. As much as I don't want him to suffer any longer and as much as I have prayed for God to take him quickly, when it comes down to it, death is an awful experience for those left to live. Pray, please, that his passing is painless and easy for him.

On a lighter note:
I'm ready for spring/summer. Bring on the sun. I'm so sick of the rain.

The Fat Chick

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  1. I'm sorry about your grandfather. It's hard to lose someone you love. You're right about asking for him to leave quickly and painlessly. For motivation for me to work out, I visualize the fat melting off my body. I also visualize having a full and healthy life to watch my twins grow into wonderful productive individuals.


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