Tuesday, February 9, 2010


OMG, has it really been 2 whole days since I've blogged. That's not good. Nope, I have been a naughty weight loss blogger. tsk tsk shame on me. But seriously? I can't believe how the time got away from me.

In any case by the time I 'publish' this post it will be tomorrow anyway, so just a quickie update:

Unofficial weigh in today: 298


Breakfast - coffee w/ cream and banana muffin - 280 cals
Lunch - spring salad mix with ranch dressing & bbq chicken LC - 485 cals
Dinner - 15 small sushi rolls - approximately 650 cals
Snack - 100 cal pack choco covered pretzels - 100 cals

Grand Total - approximately 1515 - Only 15 over... not bad... not bad at all

Update on my grandpa:
He is still in ICU. They are removing excess fluids that are bloating him and hydrating him with good fluids. He's still very gurgly though which isn't a good sign. Never a good sign.

& now I must go because it's midnight and my girls are WAKING UP?!?! OH NO NO NO!!

The Fat Chick


  1. 1500 calories a day, you'll lose all the weight you hope to! Keep up with the brisk sustained walking until you feel like you can make it into jogging. Then you can rightfully expect, and receive weight loss miracles.


  2. It's sometimes hard to remember to blog every day about our journeys. I hope your grandpa feels better.


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