Thursday, February 11, 2010


Kay, so after saying goodnight, blogging, getting up to make more bottles, saying goodnight again, deciding I needed a visit with my sis, going back and forth as Buzzy fusses and stirrs all around, visiting some more with my sis, talking with my mom, finally bringing Buzzy into the living room to visit with my sis and then taking her to go back to bed, getting up to make one more bottle and finally saying goodnight one last time, here I am blogging. AGAIN.


Anyway, the reason I am blogging is this:

Can you guess which one I thought I was drinking tonight? Can you then from process of elimination guess which one I was actually drinking tonight??

Yep! I thought I'd mix things up and get something other than diet coke. So I bought another soda. Diet? Thought so but NOPE. Did I drink one before I realized this? NOPE I DRANK 2 DAMMIT!! 320 frickin calories!! and some odd 80 grams of sugar. HOLY SHIT!! I haven't had that much sugar this whole week let alone in one day.

And this my dear bloggers, is why I cannot sleep. This is why at 1:37AM I am up blogging. (Aside from other current life events that I am sure you are all now aware of) In any case, I'll be taking the culprit of my sugar induced insomnia back to the market tomorrow to exchange it for DIET!!! STUPID REGULAR SODA!!

Now, I'm gonna go twitch and jitter from the sugar high until sleep takes over.

Goodnight! Again!

The Fat Chick


  1. Poor baby, hope you got some sleep. I'm sure you'll be reading those cans a little more carefully from now on!

  2. Just found your blog. It is full of honesty and hillarity. Love it.

    You clearly have a lot going on at the moment, so it is not a surprise that you made a diet-non-diet mistake at the market. You will bounce back.


  3. Diet Dr Pepper Cherry is the best soft drink!
    And the can reminds me of a winning slot machine too.


  4. lol....awe, poor thing. I hate when that happens! hope you were able to fall alseep soon after blogging.

  5. This happened to me the other day, I went to buy Pepsi at the grocery store for dad, all they had was the throwback, so I picked up a pack, little did I realize that the throwback regular Pepsi looks exactly like the normal diet Pepsi. Now my sister and mom are stuck drinking the regular stuff, lol.


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