Thursday, February 11, 2010


Friday snuck right up on me. Did this week go super friggin fast for anyone else? I cannot believe I am ending week 6 tomorrow. On that note I am a bit panicked about what the scale is going to read. The thing is, I don't know why. Maybe because I haven't exercised. That is the only logical explanation except for the minor fact that I have felt COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL all week with my food.

Why? You ask. Did you binge? You ask. Did you overeat and revert to your old ways? You ask.

Thankfully the answer to those questions is no. Thank God! The reason I have felt out of control is because I haven't been eating at home. With my mom gone I eat at my grandparent's house A LOT. I don't overeat, or binge or even feel tempted to do so. It is simply the fact that I don't personally see every ingredient added into a meal and therefore I stress over the accuracy of my calorie intake.

I suppose tomorrow the scale will tell all. The scale doesn't lie. It never has and never will and for this I am nervous. At my unofficial weigh in this morning I had still only lost 1lb from last Friday putting me at 299. 1lbs isn't bad but it isn't great and I know I could have added more activity to make that number go up. I could use the excuse of stress, that my grandpa died, that I've been in mourning or so busy with other things that I just can't find time to workout but that would be lying to you, my readers, and to myself.

So as a 'last chance workout', I found time tonight. 45 minutes of Wii. Granted, not the most high intensity nor the most effective but I did it. I made the effort and I did it.

And now we wait. Actually, now I will sleep and in 8 or so hours I will weigh and sometime tomorrow return to report the results. ((sigh))

One more thing before I ditch you all catch some shut eye. My family and I have decided we are a Mobster family (and not the kind you'd find on Myspace or Facebook). If you wanna see some pix and some ridiculousness CLICK HERE.

Otherwise, goodnight blogging world.

The Fat Chick


  1. Good that you did work out. To seriously shed the pounds we have to insist on controlling the food ourselves. It will piss some people off, but you have to take 100% control of the food, forget other people's feelings. Get real and get thin, it does work. The best weekend!


  2. can I ask what wii game you used to work out with? I just bought Just Dance and boy do I get out of breath doing it!!


  3. I'm sorry about your grandpa. You're right about the scale. It doesn't lie. Just think about the hard work of being so good with your food intake. You'll be fine. Good luck!

  4. You have had a stressful week and your body does funny things when stressed. Trust the process and keep eating good for you foods and working your body out when and how you can with the most fun. You may loose you may not but all of it, every choice every day is a step towards a healthier life.


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