Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Kelly from http://happytexans.blogspot.com hit the nail on the head regarding my theory as to why I was losing followers. I'm not going to 'follow up' to see if my theory is indeed correct but it is mine (and Kelly's) that the followers I lost may have been people who 'fell off the wagon' and deleted their blogs. ((shrugs))

In any case, today is a gray gloomy day in Washington. I was so loving the sun and the fresh air and the lack of rain. I was enjoying taking walks in the sun sans rain coat or stroller protector. I was enjoying taking Buzzy to the park to go on the 'mings' (her Buzz-ish for swings) And now the gray clouds have rolled back in, bringing gloom 'n' yuck along with them. I am feeling very unmotivated today. I don't wanna exercise, I don't wanna do chores, I don't wanna go to the grocery store and I DO want to eat. Doesn't help that TOM is still here. Almost gone, but still here and the MUNCHIES are killing me! It's okay, though. I will defeat them and have thus far.

On my zig zag of calories, today is a high calorie day so I'm going to keep my cals under 1800. Low cal days are 1500 or less. I am doing a schedule of 2-3 low cal days followed by 1-2 high cal days and so on and so forth. We'll see how this little expiriment works. So far I am at 1100 for breakfast, lunch and snack, which means 700 more alotted. Not a ton, but I'll survive.

The Fat Chick


  1. EEK! I am still here!

    The munchies don't get me with TOM but the emotional eating sure does! I try to combat it by keeping myself busy mentally to keep my mind from food.

    Good Job so far!

  2. I'm still here too!!! Keep up the good work! 30 pounds is AWWEESSOOMMMEE!!! :)

  3. What you are doing is working, just keep it up, and raise the intensity of the exercise. We all want you to be successful all the way!


  4. I'm interested to know how your experiment goes. It's kind of like interval training at the gym - alternating highs and lows. Maybe you're on to something. Good luck!

  5. I'm right there with you on this weather change. I want the sun & warmish weather back already. The weatherman claims we'll have a little sun again over the weekend... hope he's right.

    I don't set out to alternate my daily calorie counts... but it seems to go that way. lol

  6. I am confused already! but good luck =D and I just got here so I am not going anywhere anytime soon =D

  7. I think there needs to be a Snowmaggedon workout. We are supposed to get dumped on this week again.. AGAIN! Well, some supporters may come and go, but I am still here cheering you on!


  8. your doing fine! Whoot! i love reADing about u....makes me feel not alone. I had ppl drop off my blog. it happens love. your still amazinly funny.

  9. im still here lol!!!!!
    and your doing great as well
    keep it up

  10. Hey you! There's an award waiting for you at my blog! <3

  11. Dude I'm un-motivated every other day. Just keep strong and it will pass! Sometimes it sucks, but we have to do things we don't want to do, like work out when the weather is crappy. You can do it! You'll feel so much better when you're done- hang in there!!!


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