Friday, March 12, 2010


The scale says I lost another pound, putting me at 291. Not ultimately what I wanted but I am content that I ACTUALLY LOST instead of stayed the same or even gained with all that sodium I ingested last night.

Yesterday I saw THE EX at the mall and while he had the girls I decided to try on a pair of jeans to see how many sizes I have lost. Well, the largest size I ever wore in non-maternity jeans at 325lbs was a size 32 jean cleverly disguised as a size 8 because the brand name used weird measurements to size their jeans. In any case, it was a size 32. I am now in a size 24. That is 4 pant sizes down. Totally HUGE NSV right there!!! I haven't been in size 24 jeans in a looong time. In fact I remember sadly throwing all my size 24-26 jeans away after my first miscarriage when I thought I was doomed never to be a mother and to forever be a big fat mess of a girl. I really wish I hadn't thrown them away, but what is done is done.

And we move on . . . right???

My gramma was so proud at how many sizes I had dropped that she took me on a mini shopping spree last night. I got 2 pairs of size 24 jeans, 3 size 2x shirts (no more 3x&4x's!!) and a cute little cinched jacket for shirts that show my arms. I DO NOT LIKE TO SHOW MY ARMS. Yet.

So, here is a photo of me in my super baggy shabby well worn and seriously frumpy size 28 jeans and another in my new dark denim size 24's!!


(Buzzy was totally disturbed by the fact that I was taking pictures of myself in the dressing room mirror
- She's thinkin' 'Mama, you're so vain!')

The Fat Chick


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