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WARNING: Crabby Post



I don't know if I have mentioned any of this before but I'll take the chance that I haven't, risking my reputation of non-repetitive story telling (yeah right) and let you know. I HAVE BEEN FAT ALL MY LIFE. Okay, it really started around 7-8 years old but considering that I am 25 that is nearly 2/3 of my life. Anyway, I volley balled in high school between 200-230. After high school I became an assistant manager at McDonald's (cringe) where I gained an astonishing 50 lbs.

** I suggest you don't eat at McDonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner. You too can gain 50 lbs in 6 MONTHS!!

After I left McDonalds I yo-yo'd between 275 and 290 and one summer I actually reached 300lbs. I lost 30 lbs that summer on The Larry North diet (you can google it) but was never able to go further. Ahem... I was able. I chose not to. And thus I returned to yo-yo-ing between 270 and 285lbs.

When I got married I had just lived for 6 months in Mexico teaching English to children and adults alike. In 6 months I hadn't eaten a morsel of refined, processed or bleached food. There were no chemicals on my vegetables and no hormones in my meat. I came back (after leaving at 290lbs) a whopping 35lbs lighter at 265 lbs.

One year later. I was at 300 again. I got pregnant. I miscarried. I weighed 310. I got pregnant again and gained 62 lbs making my highest weight EVER 372 lbs. I gave birth. I went down to 312 in 3 months. I got pregnant again 1 month later. I gained 35 lbs.

All this said, it is obvious my weight has fluctuated up and down severely my entire adult life and much of my teen life as well. The reason this is relevant is because I don't know where all the sudden freakish body changes are coming from. It seems the catalyst for everything was my change in eating habits and my determination to exercise. Here is my list of symptoms:

1. My feet - Planter's Fascitis (why didn't I have this before when I was my heaviest?)

2. My back - Just pain and lots of it.

**Tangent- With Breezely I had an elective cesarean and the anesthesiologist seriously botched the spinal. What normally takes all of 10-15 minutes start to finish took nearly an hour. He used more than 15 needles my mom said (not counting numbing needles) ranging from fairly thin to enormous in diameter. The end result was this:

Posted Image

This seems to be where most of the pain stem from, but is this truly the cause of my daily/nightly pain after 7 months?

3. Dry skin - My knuckles, my elbows and my feet are all so dry they crack and bleed. WTF? I thought eating healthy was supposed to enhance skin elasticity and the balance of oils etc.

4. Fatigue - At first I thought I was just feeling lazy. But as days and weeks went by I realized I was becoming narcoleptic. I can fall asleep at any given moment anywhere. ANYWHERE. Like on the toilet if I happen to sit there for longer than a couple minutes.

5. My Periods - TMI WARNING - This cycle (if you can even call it a cycle) I have been bleeding for 4 weeks straight. I started my cycle on February 7th or so, it dissipated but never went away and three days ago started back full force! WTF?????? You'd think I'd run out at some point, but no. No no no. I just keep on bleeding.

So, what's wrong with me? Why is this happening now? What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? Opinions? Please enlighten me cuz I feel like I'm going looney tunes!!!

^^^^Bonus Points for those who can tell me what the line above comes from^^^^

Today's Food Log - Haven't done this in a while

Breakfast - Coffee w/ cream + Muffin = 315 cals
Lunch - Lean Cuisine Spinach Mushroom Panini + 1 serving pop chips = 430 cals
Snack - Blood Orange = 75 cals
Dinner - 8 Sushi rolls + White sticky rice + sweet chili sauce = 700 cals
Dessert - Chocolate covered pretzels 100 cal pack - 100 cals

Today's total - 1620 cals

** Went 120 over my 1500 cal daily goal but I'm okay with that. I did good given the circumstances and all the fried wantons I COULD have eaten.

Until tomorrow,

The Fat Chick


  1. It that a huge scar on your back? It kindof looks like a bruise.

  2. You need to be tested for endometriosis. You are most likely suffering from anemia due to the endo. My mother suffered twenty years of bleeding daily from endometriosis induced anemia that was never properly treated and it wasn't until she found a HAES doctor who worked with her for two years until they found something that she began to heal. All she was ever told was that she needed to loose weight and it would "clear itself up". But she couldn't because of the blood she was loosing everyday, her body was telling her to eat to make more blood. When she finally had her hysterectomy she had to have three pints of blood pumped into her before they could begin.
    Sorry, what I'm trying to say is get it looked at by your doctor.

  3. You poor thing! You sound as though you're going through a really tough time health-wise. It may not seem like it now, but I'm sure your health will keep on getting better as you shed the pounds.
    I've found that my skin has totally dried out since I've been losing weight too; it's weird that when I was eating crap my skin was moisturised and nice and supple, and now I'm eating more fruit and veg I've become a desert! I'm having to slather my arms and legs in moisturiser all the time atm.
    Oh, and I empathise with you on the lady problems too. I've just recovered from (thank god) a 6-month period, thanks to my doctor who put me on a pill that definitely did not agree with my body, then wouldn't take me off it for 6 months!

  4. Girl!~ The SAME thing happend to me with my c-section. They farked up my spinal, and dug around there for 45 minutes before they were able to get it right. This was 5 years ago and my back hasn't been right since. For the first year, I had TERRIBLE pain, not to mention a spinal headache afterward. I was so scared with my second child last year, that I considered being put out for that c-section. Luckily that doc convinced me it was just a poor doctor I had last time, and he was able to get it right the first time. But, I SO understand the back issue!

  5. This is why I've never had an epi! LOL I'm terriefied of what might happen, I'd rather deal with the pain of going au nautral. I know you didn't have a choice with a c-sec. Sorry you're feeling so crappy.. :(

  6. From what I understand, epidural's can cause back pain for the rest of one's life. I am sorry it is still causing you problems. I had no problems with the epi being put in with my first baby but with my second, the dr blamed my size for not being able to do the epi properly. It was so painful! By the third child, I chose not to go that rout at all and she was born naturally without drugs.
    As for your cycles, all I know from my own experience is mine had been irregular for quite a while while I was losing weight but seems to have moved into a new normal. Shorter and lighter at that!
    And as for the dry skin, mine used to be bad before I started to lose weight and the only thing I can attribute to why my skin is so much better is because I am drinking a whole lot more water. I don't know if you are drinking a lot of water or not but that is what I have found.
    I hope things start turning around for you. It sucks when you feel badly!

  7. Twice I've had bleeding that lasted for a month or more. I went to doctors, the hospital, a specialist and was never diagnosed with anything except a hormone imbalance. I was put on a 10mg pill called medroxyprogesterone. I have to take a pill every day, for 10 days, every 2 months and it keeps the bleeding in order. I sympathize with you completely. It's so horrible bleeding for so long. Oh and OMG, I recommend getting a product called a Diva Cup. Lol, your vag will appreciate it. Tampons make a person raw after a long time use and also leak. And pads leak all the time too. The Diva Cup is AMAZING! Haha, I never thought I'd say that about a feminine product, but they are really so great. I will never use anything but one now.

  8. I LOVE Born in East L.A., lol. Waaaaaaaaasssss
    Haaaapppening! There may be many other places that it is used as a phrase but I happened to think of that movie when i read your post.
    Sorry your feeling SH!77Y. The joys of being a woman and mom. Sending big hugs {{{HUGZ}}}


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