Friday, March 26, 2010


I have so much to say but first I will start with my weigh in this morning. As expected, I gained and I gained big. 4 of the 5lbs I lost last week in fact. UGH! However, I am not depressed about it. I feel rejuvenated, like maybe that binge and those 4lbs are symbolic. Not sure how, or why but I have just felt GOOD all today. Maybe it is because I know I will continue. The road doesn't end here. I haven't failed. It feels good to know this and BELIEVE IT. Unfortunately, today is the last time you will see an 'official weigh' from me until May 1st. I think I may do an 'unofficial weigh' on March 31st just to see EXACTLY how much weight I lose in one month.

On another note. Do you remember this beauty?

Well, for the last month + that I have had it I used it a total of 3-4 times. Yikes! Not exactly worth $105.00. HOWEVER, today I was mad about it. Mad about my lack of exercise. Mad about my painful feet. Mad that my painful feet were the cause of my lack of exercise and mad that my lack of exercise has inevitably lead me to be less successful. So I stared the stupid pink mini elliptical down. I thought and I thought and I tried to think of ways I could use it without hurting myself.

Tangent: It is very hard for me to receive comments (and I receive them all the time) that say things such as, "If you exercise more, you will lose more weight." I receive this as comments on my blog, texts in my phone, e-mails and even from family. What I'd like to say to these people (no offense of course) is 'No shit Sherlock. If I could walk ten miles a day I would. But my plantar fascitis barely allows me to hobble about my house.' Another fun comment in all forms listed above that I get when I use that 'excuse' is, 'Well then buy yourself a stationary bicycle or go swimming,'. Okay, first I am a single mom living with two babies under 2 in my mother's house. I have no income and what my (ex) husband does give me goes to my girls. I in no way shape or form have even $50.00 to spend on a bike and it wouldn't be ONLY $50.00 because a bike that has a weight limit upwards of 300lbs is more like $200.00. And as for swimming, I live in Washington state. It rains A LOT HERE. There aren't a whole lot of free pools around and even if I had the $$ to go swimming at the YMCA or some such club what in the world would I do with my girls. My entire family works! End Tangent.

So, with all the helpful advice I have been receiving I realized that perhaps my mini elliptical could be multifunctional. I had heard of people having bike pedals under their desks at work and thought, 'what if I turn my elliptical into a kind of stationary bike?' So, I sat down in my big ol green recliner and started to pedal. Okay, awkward. My legs don't move that way. But then I realized if I turned the elliptical backwards my legs DO go the right way and it didn't feel awkward at all. So I tried it out for a while, while the girls napped. I pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled. I must say, I built up a really good burn in my thighs (both top and underside) and so I have decided, until my feet are better, this will be my form of exercise. It is easy, comfortable (uh who doesn't wanna exercise sitting in an overly stuffed recliner?) it works up a burn and a sweat, and if I need to I can cater to my oldest who is constantly asking me to 'hode you'. To translate, that means she's asking me to hold her.

So what did I do today? I pedaled every chance I got. I watched TV and pedaled. When the girls were playing and occupied, I pedaled. When I had any chance to sit on my butt I pedaled. And you know how long I pedaled cumulatively? 95 minutes. Do you know how many calories burnt that is (of just moderate cycling and there were moments when I went totally psycho vigorous)??? 1518. And how many calories did I eat today? 1687, for a net consumption of 103 cals. Nice! Now if I keep this up, says I will lose approximately 25lbs in 5 weeks? Is that for real? Well, I guess we'll just have to see. In any case, my thighs are burning as I sit here in bed typing this and it is such a beautiful pain in comparison to the inflamed plantar fascitis of my previous workouts up until now. I think I have come upon a beautiful things. Wish me luck.

This is me, super happy EVEN THOUGH I gained today. (Maybe part of it is that I get to go pamper my hands and feet tomorrow because my mom offered to watch the girls?) Sorry about the 'low light'. I am in a dark room lit only by my computer. LOL

And just for shits and giggles, here are my little boy and little girl angels riding together in the grocery cart.

The Fat Chick


  1. I love that you keep up the hard work - even when you have set backs. That's what will get you to goal - keep it up!!

  2. Hey Girl, just got your comment on my blog. Yes, I definitely recommend taking daily vitamins- I take all kinds, I'm kinda obsessed. I'd recommend definitely taking a daily multi-vitamin, just to make sure you get all of the stuff you need, and then also taking Zinc (helps with metabolism), chromium (also aids metabolism and helps your liver process glucose...aka sugar)...(beware the chromium can make you a little nauseous sometimes. It will last like 30 seconds, but can be unpleasant sometimes, to me anyway), maybe some dandelion and/milk thistle (helps your liver and digestion so you burn more), and of course Vitamin D (aids in weight loss). If nothing else, take the daily multi and the Vitamin D. I take 2000 I.U.'s a day, you can take up to 5000 safely daily. Um...what else? Do a little research and you'll find the ones that work best for you. Good luck girl! Let me know what you get/choose, if you choose to do it!

  3. I'm so glad you're in a good mood despite the gain. And, I'm even happier that you found a way to get some exercise. 95 minutes total is awesome & I like how you fit in every chance you got. :)

    As for your tangent, I feel your frustration. "Well meaning" people just don't get it sometimes. Living in Washington also, I know what you mean about the rain... it can definitely mess up any outdoor activities. We have no nearby family, so childcare has always been a huge issue for me too. Like I've said before, I think you do a pretty amazing job considering all of the obstacles. :)

    Have a great weekend! Keep pedaling!!

  4. Good job on the rant! Some people just don't understand until you put it out there for them. Good for you!

    I feel your pain with regards to Plantar Facitis! Trust me, I've had it. I ended up doing physio for awhile last year and then would ice my foot and tape it on my own. It did help. I ended up needing way better shoes (which sadly were of course more expensive) but it's helped me greatly. No more pain. Now that I'm attempting to run again, I'm worried...but hopefully I will not have another flair up! Fingers crossed! It is sooo painful though. I hear ya!

    Good on ya for working being creative with your workouts while your feet are still sore. Keep it up!

  5. You children are beautiful!


  6. haters to the left. that's what i say. also, "no shit sherlock" is one of my favorite phrases. well played. haha i don't know why i love it so much.

    i'm sorry that people are assholes. blech.

    but you're bouncing back in their faces so they can stfu! you're awesome. we all know it. :-)

  7. I needed your "it's okay to take care of your injury" comment today. THANK YOU! And keep up the good work. It's YOUR journey and no one else's!

  8. keep up the good work! sounds like you found your motivation again!!


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