Thursday, March 4, 2010


Now, on most people's minds when they hear (or in this case, see) something like the title above they automatically assume that the person means, the greasiest, nastiest, most caloric item possible. Something along these lines. However, what I am referring to is when you gotta eat nasty fast food with grease and fat and calories galore. Do it right. Do it HEALTHY.

Tonight I didn't know what was for dinner. It turned out to be Arby's. The home of the best friggin roast beef sandwiches I have ever tasted. It is also the home to vats and vats of disgusting fat and calorie filled food, especially when you are unsure how many calories are in what. Well, thanks to my iPhone app for I was able to easily and quickly search the calories for a roast beef sandwich. The regulars were in the 200's, the mediums were in the 400's and the larges were in the high 500's. What dictates the different sizes are the amount of roast beef in each sandwich. I belief the regular has one portion of roast beef, the medium has 2 portions and the large 3 portions. Here is the scale. So, tonight I believe I made a wise decision considering the circumstances. I bought 2 regulars (because they were cheaper than 1 medium on special) took both buns off one and left only the bottom bun on the other. Put a smidge of horsey sauce and Arby's sauce on the meat and mmm mmm mmm. It was seriously delish, and for the place and the size of the sandwich, pretty reasonable in calories. I figure it was the size of a medium so it was probably around 450 calories + the sauces which would make it about 500. Take 3 out of 4 buns out of the equation and I am thinking I could subtract anywhere between 150 - 200 calories from that equation assuming that each whole bun is between 100-150 cals which would put my dinner somewhere around 350-400 cals. NICE!!

On another note, remember this little beauty I mentioned yesterday. Well, she's mine! I know I said I was going to wait until I lost the next 9+ lbs to reach 40lbs lost before I bought it but I couldn't help myself. I NEEDED HER!! And now I will have NO EXCUSES for not exercising. Come hell or high water, torrential floods or crying children, I WILL EXERCISE EVERY DAY, 5-6 DAYS A WEEK!!

Lastly, I wanted to say I am so sorry for abandoning the blogs I read. I still read but I have seriously been lacking in the comment section. This is mainly due to my stupid iPhone that allows me to read ya'll easily but not respond. Grrr! So I read throughout the day but by the time I get to my computer at night I've forgotten all that I have read and any specific comments I wanted to make. Forgive me. I will be commenting tonight. In fact that is what I am off to do now.

Wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in.

Goodnight Blog World

The Fat Chick


  1. Glad you didn't wait to get the exercise thing, now try to wear it out.


  2. Thats a great idea to remove the bread!!! And congradulations on the new excersize equiptment!

  3. Where did you get the piece of equipment? Its sooo purdy! I want one!

    I think you did a great job at Arby's! Considering what all you could have had -- you made very wise choices! I love Arbys!

  4. I don't know where you live, but if you ever swing by LA, please, for the love of God, go to Philippe's in downtown. I will never, ever, ever eat a roast beef sandwich anywhere else, even if it means never eating a roast beef sandwich ever again.

  5. arby's is sooo good. ive gotten pretty good at finding decent stuff to eat at various fast food joints because sometimes, its just inevitable ending up there! I have done the same thing you did today, but since I brought my food home swapped out those big buns (lol!) for some small whole wheat ones worth 1 pt each. Didnt miss them one bit, delish!
    congrats ont he new exercise aquisition!


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